Sunday, December 25, 2011

ZAC POSEN Spring Summer 2012.

The well-executed dresses & gowns Zac put on his runway were nothing short of master pieces.
 Posen focused on cut & fit, 
the more precise, the better! 
From the very 1st dress 2 hit the runway (worn by Coco Rocha), I was hooked and wanted them all hanging in my closet!
Fall is my favorite season of the year, but after seeing this  collection, I'm already looking forward to spring. 
With the accent firmly on the waist, he paired narrow, elongated jackets with high armholes with pencil skirts, and whipped up party dresses with flaring, knee-length hems.
 What gladdened my heart was that some of his jackets read "Old Hollywood" GLAMOUR, a pure favorite of mine & I know the Hollywood actresses will be charmed by a lot of what was on display here (A lot of the dresses are fantastic for on-air interviews and when u have to go on the road to promote a film). 
His collection screamed at you...
"I'm a diva.
Not to mention that the hair and make-up on the models was FLAWLESS. It really was complete look, that doesn't need any alterations to reality, you can walk off this runway into real life.
Watching the show, Victoria Beckham & the late Wallis Simpson (Duchess of Windsor) came to mind! 
Well, we all know Posen can bring the drama; 
And he absolutely achieved that in this collection.
Well done Zac.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Watch my new feature film VARG VEUM, the trailer!

My new feature film in Norway.

This is my 1st foreign film & it's going to be released nation wide in 
theaters throughout 
Scandinavia on the 20th of January. 
VARG VEUM is a series of ACTION/THRILLER films.
It's very much like the "Mission Impossible" series.
VARG VEUM is the central character in a series of crime novels, written 
by Gunnar Staalesen, about a hard-drinking
 private detective who lives in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway.

As I had mentioned b4, It's very much like Mission Impossible, so it's
& full of amazing STUNTS! YEY!
My character is STRONG & I have a great FIGHT scene in it as well.
Each Varg Veum series has a title and mine is called
(translated in English).

I was interviewed about my character and my work in Los Angeles
by the BIGGEST newspaper in Norway
called VG.
Which is just below the trailer.

vgtv Se ny trailer fra «Varg Veum»

Amerikanske Fumi (32) går fra 

Will Smith til Varg Veum

Trailer fra «Varg Veum - De døde har det godt»
VGTV Trailer fra «Varg Veum - De døde har det godt»  Se flere videoer fra VGTV
    Publisert 24.12.11 - 14:43, endret 24.12.11 - 14:44 (VG NETT)
    • 3
    • Skriv ut artikkelen
    (VG Nett) Fumi Desalu-Vold har jobbet som modell, og samarbeidet med Will Smith. Nå er hun klar som leder for et asylmottak i den nye «Varg Veum»-filmen.

    VG Nett følger

    - Jeg har bodd i Norge i to år, kjærligheten fikk meg hit! forteller Fumi Desalu-Vold som fant kjærligheten i den tidligere svømmeren Ole Vold fra Bergen.

    VGTV: Se traileren til «De døde har det godt»

    Snart er hun premiereklar i den nye Varg Veum-filmen «De døde har det godt», men Fumi har en lang og innholdsrik karriere bak seg allerede.

    Les også:Kinorekord for Varg Veum

    FRA WILL TIL VARG: Fumi Desalu-Vold jobbet med Will Smith i «Hancock». 20. januar får vi se henne med Trond Espen Seim i «Varg Veum - De døde har det godt». Foto: Privat/SF Norge AS.
    Hun har vært tilknyttet byråene Ford og Elite og vært med på alle de store moteukene, i Milano, London, Paris og New York. Hun har vært med i flere episoder av TV-serier som «Ugly Betty» og «Entourage», og har også vært med i filmer som Will Smiths «Hancock» og «Dreamgirls». Tidlig i karrieren var hun med i Puff Daddy-videoen «Public Enemy #1».

    Fra den norske underholdningsbransjen vil noen kanskje kjenne henne igjen som Jaqueline Diaz i Hotell Cæsar.

    Nå er det altså Varg Veum gjelder, og den innspillingen ga Fumi mulighet til å møte et av sine forbilder.

    - Det var utrolig spennende å spille inn filmen, spesielt fordi jeg fikk spille mot Lene Nystrøm! For meg er hun en «rockstar»! Da jeg bodde i England var Aqua ekstremt populære, så å møte henne var å treffe en helt, forteller 32-åringen.

    Koser seg i Norge

    OBAMA-FAN: Fumi Desalu-Vold på en photoshoot med sokker som hyller den amerikanske presidenten. Foto: Privat
    Hun er født i Moskva, vokst opp i Skottland og Nigeria og startet som modell i England. Nå koser hun seg stort i Norge, hvor hun har bodd i to år.

    - Å flytte til Norge var en forfriskende ny start for meg. Jeg er utrolig takknemlig for å få jobbe her i Niorge som er verdenskjent for Nobels Fredspris og verdenskjent for å ha gitt Fredsprisen til Barack Obama. Det var stort for meg som amerikaner med afrikansk bakgrunn, forteller skuespilleren.

    «Varg Veum - De døde har det godt» handler om menneskehandel med afrikanske jenter. Desalu-Vold tok rollen for å rette fokus på en viktig problemstilling, men også for å vise mangfoldet blant afrikanske kvinner i Norge.

    - Det finnes afrikanske jenter som kommer hit for å jobbe som prostituerte, men også mange andre afrikanske jenter blir identifisert med denne gruppen. Jeg tok rollen for å si: Ja, slike ting skjer, men det er ikke sånn alle er, sier hun og legger til:

    - Jeg ønsket å gi afrikanske kvinner i Norge stolthet, og løfte frem at de skal være stolte av hvem de er!
    PÅ JOBB I NEW YORK: Fumi Desalu-Vold under et oppdrag for Elle Magazine. Foto: PrivatClick here 2 see the trailer of my new film!


    Wishing u all a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

    My 12th wish for Christmas!


    I know I may sound like a beauty pageant standing in her glittery gown and false eye lashes,
    but we cannot deny the fact that 2011 came with it's own fair share of war & terror around the world.
    We have to learn how to make this world a better place.
    Open up with our hearts more and fight less,with our fists!
    We must lead by example for the next generation to follow.
    And perhaps, if we're lucky,  this will give us peace in our hearts that our children will grow into a safer world.
    It's a very sincerer wish and I truly hope for a less violent year ahead.

    Wishing you all good health & good luck in 2012.


    Friday, December 23, 2011

    My Christmas wish list number 11.

    Bond street, London.

    There is nothing more romantic that receiving a hand written love letter from that special someone.
    He/she gets MAJOR points for that in my book.
    It exudes such good manners & breeding, without a doubt it's one of those old-fashiond traditions that just shows an individuals CLASS.

    But u can also have it for yourself to send out on other occasions, such as, thanking a girlfriend for a wonderful evening in her home last week, or a kind note to your parents instead of sending an email.

    That's the thing with me, I really don't mind at the speed we are going with the internet and all the gadgets that seem to come out every 5 seconds, but, .......
    there are some things I feel should stay the same and never change.
    And hand written letters are on top of my list.

    So, yes, yes and yes I would love to have my own personalized stationary with my initials 
    Oh! & Lightly scented with saddle wood & sea breeze.

    It's such a lovely and moderately priced gift to give,  you CANNOT go wrong with this one.

    Thank you. FDV.

    ODV Digital Imaging: Photo shoots

    ODV Digital Imaging: Photo shoots: Here are some examples of photo shoots I have done with my wife Fumi.

    Thursday, December 22, 2011

    ODV Digital Imaging: Have a drink

    ODV Digital Imaging: Have a drink

    ODV Digital Imaging: Catch me if you can

    ODV Digital Imaging: Catch me if you can

    ODV Digital Imaging: A puzzle

    ODV Digital Imaging: A puzzle

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011


    I discovered this product when I was modeling in New York!
    Let me tell skin was theeeeeee MOST beautiful when I started using this.
    It was a gift from a girlfriend of mine who had 2 tubs and out of the kindest of her her heart mixed with a momentarily lapse of insanity, gave me this!!!!!
    It's expensive and your boyfriend/husband/sugar daddy/lover will NEVER understand how u can spend so much on a face creme, who cares? it works MIRACLES!
    It's just the same as getting PLASTIC SURGERY without the pain, scars or expense!
    I cannot tell u how many commercials I booked b'cos of my darling Miss La Mer!
    So yes, Yes and YES!!!!!! I want the whole product range in the worst way.
    A ONE year supply would be a dream, that I'm hoping could be turned into a reality......Wishing!

    Christmas wish number 9!


    If there ever were a store that I have walked into and no matter how hard I tried to leave without buying anything, BUT failed, it would be BARNEYS in New York City.
    NewYork!!!!! My old stumping ground that I miss soooooo much!
    So yes, I would love to have an UNLIMITED store card (4 a year) to buy everything I want to my hearts desire!
    You name it, and they have it, EVERY designer you can think of from Clothes, shoes, jewelry and much, much more!
    Aaaaaaaaand what's really great about BARNEYS is that they are very forward thinking and also push new designers that u might not have heard of but have potential to be FASHION GODS!
    Oh, and let's not 4get their fantastic restaurant, WOW!
    The 1 and only SIMON DOONAN the Creative Ambassador-at-Large to BARNEYS.
    He is responsible for all the amazing window displays.

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    ODV Digital Imaging: Exxon Mobile Bislet Games - Diamond League Oslo

    ODV Digital Imaging: Exxon Mobile Bislet Games - Diamond League Oslo

    ODV Digital Imaging: HDR pictures

    ODV Digital Imaging: HDR pictures: The Kremlin, Moscow South Beach, Miami Oslo Oslo Me in Miami Edinburgh Capri South Beach, Miami Oslo Hearst Beach Hous...

    #8 on my Xmas wish list!

    If u ask a man about the 'lady' in his life, more often than not he's try and describe to u how wonderful she smells.
    So my number '8' wish is FRAGRANCE!
    I love, love perfume, it's the last thing I put on me b4 I leave the house!
    These are my favs of all time and I always buy back-ups when I'm at 'duty free'.

    Number 1.

    MISS DIOR by Christian Dior.
    This is an all time classic and there hasn't been a single time I've worn this, that I haven't gotten a compliment from men aaaaaaaaaaaand women!

    Number 2.

    PRIVATE COLLECTION by Estee Lauder
    Again, another classic, beautiful and very crisp & fresh.
    4 some reason, I always wear a white shirt, blouse or top with this, so I tend to were this fragrance in the Spring & Summer time.

    Number 3.

    FLEUR D'ORANGER by Fragonard.
    I loooooooooooooooooove this fragrance, It smells like oranges & sea breeze.
    I discovered this when I went to Cannes earlier this year and I've been addicted ever since.
    You must try this, at least once!!!!!!!!

    #7 on my Christmas wish list!

    To NOT travel, and see/discover the world, is like reading a single page of a book!
    Traveling, is an education that cannot be taught in a classroom.
    It opens up your EYES, MIND & HEART to different cultures, languages and perceptions on how u view life as a whole.
    So, My number 7 wish is to be given a 2-week all expense paid trip for 2, 
    to the following countries in 2012.
    These are my top three places I'm dying to visit.