Monday, October 31, 2011

FALL / WINTER 2011, the FINAL chapter!

Hello my darlings, so here we are at the last set of the collections I've put together.
I've been crazy busy and have had a couple of CRAZY weeks, but more on the later. 
If I remember correctly the next "MUST HAVE" on the list was..............
Entire wardrobe from ZARA.
It's an absolute divine colour and as far as I'm concerned it's another option to choose from apart from BLACK!
So let's get started shall we!

This was a VOGUE cover a couple of years ago, I've ALWAYS loved this layout, b'cos I thought to myself, what a wonderful way to wear blue, simple, clean and the POP of colour here, were the WHITE shirts. DAY or EVENING girls, this is a sure way to be the BEST dressed at any event, Dinner @ home, @ the office or a Garden party. We always see this paired with a BLACK skirt, but BLUE is such a nice alternative, you must try it!

ALBERTA FERRETTI won my heart here, just look at those beautiful boots! Even if u don't have a blue coat, and u really need a pair of dark boots to go with everything, why not try COLBALT BLUE?  & go for something that goes all the way up your legs and over the knee, I promise they'll keep u warm. 
GUCCI, like I had mentioned earlier on, was this seasons favorite,(In my book) their colour pallete was amazing.
And nobody has worn COLBALT BLUE  any better than the newly married American reality star KIM KARDASHIANwho recently got married and was given a 20 carat diamond engaement ring!!!!!! Totally jealous.
Talking about reality shows for a minute, wouldn't it be nice if they had a reality show in Norway? How about 
"The Real Housewives of Oslo" ?????? I would audition right away and give u all SUPER DUPER entertainment! Hmmmmmmm something to really think about! .... seriously!
Ok, moving forward, goodbye COLBALT BLUE, hello MUSTARD YELLOW!

This summer was alive & brightened up evey way u turned with YELLOW! I mean, what a really, really happy and youthful colour it is. You cannot help but smile at the colour, it remends me of Summer, daisies, butter, lemons, u name it.

So how kind of the designers to give us a slightly darker version for the Autumn and winter months, the absolute & divine MUSTARD YELLOW! Ah! I'm in heaven.

Mustard skirt from my ever faithful H&M.
Even just a POP can pick up any outfit, go from the office to a night out in town with your special someone in the GORGEOUS MAXMARA top. All eyes will be on a good way!
Even if u are not that BOLD, (that's ok, we are not all created the same and even if we were, it would be so BORING). As as I was saying, why not try a POP of colour in a bag, or should I say a designer bag like CHANEL, it will always make a statement, even if u don't want to!....all u have to do is carry it! Smiling. This is Beyone's younger sister, Solange with her son.
Alright folks, next!
If u don't want to invest in anything long lasting as a coat or boots, then by all means buy, order or creat a beautiful hat from no other than..... my dear friend, Norwegian HAT designer extraordinaire ...
She is absolutely BEYOND!!!!! I'll show u what she made for me further down in this article. Tusen Takk (Thank you) Mona, I love, love, love love and Loooooooove u some more! xoxo

If you're going to wear it, then let it sparkle!

Skirt and Dress both by ZARA.

When I saw these two, I smiled, b'cos I thought of all the parties that will be coming up at Christmas time, yes, I know it's still far away but that's what came to my mind, well at least I'll be prepared.

A black coat with a sheen is also another way to make a statement without feeling as if you are going to perform on stage!


So adorable, I feel as If I'm going back to school instead of work!

I looooooooooove these, they are from ZARA and they are the most sensible foot wear with MAJOR style if u live in a city and have to run around! The colour is to die for!

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN will always make you look, SEXY, CONFIDENT from head to toe! Yes darlings, it's still warm enough for u to wear those major heels out! Have fun with it and look Fab. I'm going to buy the black ones above, I just, love, love loooooooove them.




JLO as always looking beyond FABULOUS! Glasses again are GUCCI.
Wearing tights or socks look really good with shoes, add a chunky heel, & u are on your way. It's really fun to incorporate some of your summer shoes into your fall wardrobe, it really works and can look super cool. You can go to ASOS for all the Autumn looks that don't break the bank.

CHANEL will never need an introduction, u can go for the PLUM or a bright RED. 




This was my FAV of all the bags & i saved it for last b'cos I just really liked the two skins mixed together, I wouldn't have thought that it would work but it did.
You can find all of these bags on Net-a-Porter. com. & the good thing is that they ship all over the world, yep ladies, that includes NORWAY. YEY!

.....................ARE so electrifing & fun, just seeing all the make-up, hairstyles and OMG, the attitude from the girls srutting down the runway with JAZZED up music, it's like a party where u get to sit and just people watch!

@JAMAICA fashion week!

The reason why I brought this up, is  b'cos I saved the BEST for the last..............THE GLAMOROUS
It was every single runway this season and I loved them all.

Yes darlings it ROCKS!
All the RED hues ust makes me feel alive, I can wear this colour family all year long.

I abosulutley DIED and went to heaven when I saw these trousers, I am going to make about for pairs in different colour combinations, my legs are long, so I have benn making trousers for a while. It is soooooooooo fabulous and NOT clownish at all.

SONIA RYKEL above & alberta Ferratti  below.

This collection is NOT about where did these looks come from, what designer blah, blah, blah!
It's about the ispiration, This colour pallete is pure magic and looks wonderful on any skin tone. Be the true DIVA that u are and march out of your house with the attitude that you can OWN the world. 
Aaaaaaaaaaand the best outfit of all is...........CONFIDENCE!
It's inexpensive, cannot be bought and can be seen a mile away.
I've seen it on models, actresses, women on the street, girls at parties everywhere!
And u know what! It's the MOST attractive thing u could ever own.
 Be a ROCK star and enjoy the fall/winter season fashionistas!