Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello my lovies, say hello to CANNES!

I've been all over the place!
Hello my darlings, u must be thinking I don't love u any more!
..................Far from it, there's no other way to say it, other than to just spit it out........
I've been running around like a headless chicken for the past 3 weeks and it doesn't seem to be slowing down!
I was preparing everything for my trip to Cannes, which by the way was beyond fantastic, ( will be putting up pictures as I finish writing this) I had a blast and it was a successful trip on so many different levels I'm literally bursting with happiness.
But since I'm just a one-man-show, which is very good at times b'cos I have complete creative control, it's also time consuming since I have to do EVERYTHING myself and so I've added a new talent to my resume....."Circus act"
A multiple juggler to be exact b'cos that's how I feel, she laughs.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it's just that everything now has to be prioritized & with my Norwegian classes coming @ the very top of the list. 
Might I add that it's a pure labour of love as I really enjoy learning the language and I'm getting a hang of it day by day.
Also I'm creating my own WEBSITE as we speak!!!! Yey! 
So excited and it's been a long time coming, it's going to be FABULOUS with all the bells & whistles.
All the movies I've acted in, the countries I've visited, fashion and much, much more.
I can assure you, you are going to looooooooove it.
It's going to be GLOBAL, b'cos I'm global or at least that's how I feel, after all, I was born in Moscow, I'm a very proud African, lived must of my life in England and America, and now I live in the beautiful Principality of 
Of course it's going to be global, just look at all I have to play with, smiling.
And 1 more thing I'm adding to the mix.............we are going to have GUESTS coming unto the show that will be aired from the website, I tell u, it's going to be fun, fun fun my sweeties.
Ok enough for now.
Below are pictures from the ever beautiful South of France....enjoy.
1ST up.........Cannes.
Jeans - True religion - Los Angeles
Shoes - Tory Burch - Miami
Top- Gina tricot - Oslo
Watch Hermes- New York
Bracelet - H&M -Oslo

Waiting 4 my luggage, I brought 2 big cases for 10 days.
I was going to be changing into 2 outfits everyday + accessories, yep 2 suitcases was about right!

The Carlton hotel right on the Croisette
Dress  - Vintage -  Copenhagen 
Belt - Hermes - New York
Watch - Hermes - New York
Sandals - Gucci - London
The film premier for PUSS in BOOTS!

Do u need a ride back to the hotel?

These were performers that I ran into in the lobby, they were so nice.
Dress - Gina Tricot
Bag- Hermes
Necklace - Lanvin

Dress - Lanvin 
Shoes - Prada
Blouse - Lanvin
Jewllery - Lanvin
Bag - Michael Kors
Being on the famous 24 steps leading into the Palais des Festivals was wonderful, I had to go back a few steps so that my picture could be taken. That's the thing, flash bulbs are coming at u from EVERY angle!

This was another event where celebrities came and gave interviews.

I had NEVER heard or seen LION BAR cereal until Cannes, but there it is!

This was a fantastic event for African & African American Actors (I happen 2 B both) around the world, I had a fabulous time and made some major contacts.
So u see, it wasn't all fun & parties in Cannes, I worked too.

With New York socialite Shala Monroque!

The event was held at the beautiful MAJESTIC Hotel.

Kaftan -  Lagos, Nigeria
Watch - Hermes
Shoes - Aldo
Bag - Hermes.

And then I was off to the Croisette to be with friends.
Dinner and dancing all night long, nothing like having fun just by the beach!

May 17th, is Norway's independence day & I spent it at the Scandinavian lounge
Aaaaaaaaand everybody loved my T-shirt, I missed my husband & wished I was at home w/ him.

With Norwegian designer & good friend, Nina Skarra @ the Gala event at the Radisson Blu hotel
in an AMAZING Nina Skarra dress!
I felt like a princess all night long.

At night the boats came ALIVE with dinner and parties.

The casinos too.

All u need is a SHOW-Stopping dress! I chose this one,
Do u like it?

In front of the amazing Majestic hotel.

Off to visit my dear friend Joss & have a Champaign lunch!

Dress- Lanvin 
Jewellery - Lanvin 
Sandals - Gucci 
Lip gloss - Cinnamon - YSL

And that's it for now darlings, I'll be back later to put up more pics
from................Monte Carlo!!!!!!! 
Yep, we're moving on, Good bye  & thank u Cannes, I had a BLAST!
Hugs & kisses 2 all.