Monday, October 31, 2011

JENNIFER LOPEZ is making a new music video in Hollywood, Los Angeles called..................

Hello my fashionistas!       
As most of u already know by now I came from Los Angeles & as an actress (& which is what I still do here in wonderful Norway) I did movies, television, music videos, commercials, EVERYTHING.
Anyway another aspect of being in SHOW BUSINESS, is making really cool friends, I keep in touch with all of my showbiz friends from Los Angeles as well as my model girlfriends in New York.
Ok, moving this morning a dear friend of mine sent me pictures of JLO from the " studio set" she was working on the music video that JLO is going to release in the next few months called PAPI.
Jennifer Lopez Working on set!
The guys in the pictures are called "The CREW guys" & they do so many different things from pushing the "DOLLY" (A camera on wheels) to lighting, to setting up a shot, to getting all the props on set etc. 
It's an amazing career to have and I think I've met EVERY single Celebrity while I was working there. And as u can see SHOW BUSINESS  is alive and kicking still entertaining us all over the world. Smile. 
Jennifer getting ready for her "Close-up"
The ORANGE mark on the floor is for Jennifer to stand at so the camera can see her once she starts singing/reading her lines etc.
It's correct "Studio" term is called THE START MARK. 

PEOPLE magazine is a very popular magazine in America, it covers all the GOSSIP.
Anyway they also have an on-line site that I visit regularly for up-dates in the fun USA.
Well, well, well..........what do u know? There is picture (notice the same outfit) of JLO in all of her FABULOUSITY from the misic video my friend worked on.

Jennifer & I @ Warner Brother studios. I think she was married to Chris Judd at the time!

xoxo Fumi.