Monday, October 31, 2011

The TURBAN is Back!

I have ALWAYS loved HATS!

I also have a small head & I think that there's a little 'GRACE JONES in me that just screams HEAD GEAR.

Of course wearing a hat is such a life-saver when your hair is a mess or when u don't know what 2 do with it on that particular day.

No matter your hair type, we ALL have bad hair days!

Even President Obama of USA, has come to ask me for advice!
Anyway as I was saying.........

I really just love wearing them, it make me keep my head up straight in a way I can't explain
+ it  really completes an outfit.

International Super MODEL 4ever  IMAN.
I feel the same way about gloves, scarves & belts, it just pulls an out fit 2 together & can be a scene-stealer on any 
RED carpet.

That is why I'm so happy that TURBANS R BACK!

Like most trends in fashion, it's always inspired by culture.

This is why I think it's such a priceless EDUCATION to travel.

The world is truly a beautiful place and so interesting. You will be amazed at how your mind opens up & absorbs the wonders of the world.

This is what Fashion does, it stays firmly on NEUTRAL ground, b'cos it draws it's inspiration from anywhere & every where all over the world.

It is a multifaceted industry that takes us to places that we would not originally think of going to visit.

Back to business!
Wearing a turban demands a certain kind of confidence b'cos there's noooooooo-way it will go unnoticed.
Ever since Greta Garbo wore it in the motion picture The Painted Veil, the fashion world has craved for more dramatic effects on the silver screen.

Greta Garbo, circa 1934.

It has been a staple in every starlets wardrobe from the days of Old Hollywood............

The late, Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Sophia Loren.

..................To Show-Stopper actresses & models of present day!

Jennifer Lopez

Naomi Campbell

American Actress Eve Mendes.

Kate Moss.

Victoria Bekham.

French Stylist Catherine Baba

SJP in the Block Buster Movie.. Sex & the City 2.

In my opinion no designer did a more spectacular collection in homage to the return of the turban than 
& mind u this collection was done 4 yrs ago, Spring/Summer 2007.

I loooooooove every single one of these Satin jewel toned master pieces, I have my credit card ready for the second somebody want to sell there's on Ebay.
It's been 4 looooooong yrs, somebody MUST want 2 get rid of their's by now, come on!!!!!!

Sorbet Pink. I want, I want, I neeeeeeeeeeed!

Ruby RED.

Emerald Green. 


Sapphire Blue....Oh God... Shut-up & Scream!!!!!!!!!

Royal Purple.

You can find reasonably priced turbans @ GINA TRICOT.

It really is a great store, I'm a fan BIG time.


TURBAN by Norwegian hat designer MONA STRAND.


See u next season darlings and remember to always be what?

Ok my fashionistas gotta go to bed now, my toe polish has dried now (I'm wearing orange Fanta on my toes & Vanilla cream on my nails, both by Revlon).
Besides it's 1:20 am & I have my Norwegian class tomorrow!!!! Smiley face. I'm really doing great, so I'm motivated.
Kisses, cuddles, toodles.
God natt!.