Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is what I got @ Versace 4 H&M!

While there was soooooooo much madness & super long queues in London @ H&M over the Versace collection, it was pretty mild here in Oslo!
Why? B'cos as a fashionista, I like to look at everything! & what I mean by that is, I knew what I wanted but I still wanted to look, touch and feel the other pieces I wasn't going 2 buy.
Also 2 look @ what people were buying, look at what was selling and what was not!
Yep, it was funny just seeing people rushing all over the place, left & right!
The collection was wonderful, it really was, u just have to look at it with a very
OPEN & COLOURFUL mind, there were blasts of colour in every peace!
Fun, happy & crazy colour combinations.
Right away, I knew a lot of the pieces in the collection would have to be worn with solid colours to really bring it to focus & POP!
Anyway, getting back to me, I surprised myself because as u all know I love, love, love colour!
Well I went in the opposite direction and bought this!
The scarf was adorable, it wasn't expensive and I think it will look fab next summer with white dresses and caftans.

The choker is amazing and I love it, it so comfortable I'm really happy with my pieces and they are timeless and still scream VERSACE!!!!