Sunday, December 11, 2011

#5 on my Christmas with list!..............A treadmill.

The "Super Duper" treadmill.
The one thing I miss with all of my heart is my treadmill I had in Los Angeles :-(
Having home exercise equipment helped me maintain my size 4. I just jumped on it in the living room and watched tv while I melted off the pounds, no gym membership, no time traveling to & fro aaaaaaaaaand most importantly noooooooooooooo excuses!
So yes, I would love another one, since I'm guilty of all 3 above, not smiling.
The upswing to all of this is that, technology is ALWAYS improving, and so my inky-dinky treadmill of jester year is in no comparison to the "All-service-included-entertainment-side-kick-gadget" of a treadmill today :-)
So the treadmill that I have my eyes on can:
1) It can B folded in half & doesn't take much space, placed against the wall or rolled underneath the bed.
2) This treadmill comes with it's own TV screen, so u can watch anything u like.
3) It's ipod/ipad adaptable so u can listen to your own songs, downloaded music videos, films and shows from your itunes! YEY!
4) It comes with it's own "Compact reading book/magazine holder,  C below.
Isn't this fantastic????????

I can see myself now! Happily jogging away, not missing any of my fav tv shows or worrying about making it to the gym b4 it closes on Sundays!