Monday, December 19, 2011

#8 on my Xmas wish list!

If u ask a man about the 'lady' in his life, more often than not he's try and describe to u how wonderful she smells.
So my number '8' wish is FRAGRANCE!
I love, love perfume, it's the last thing I put on me b4 I leave the house!
These are my favs of all time and I always buy back-ups when I'm at 'duty free'.

Number 1.

MISS DIOR by Christian Dior.
This is an all time classic and there hasn't been a single time I've worn this, that I haven't gotten a compliment from men aaaaaaaaaaaand women!

Number 2.

Again, another classic, beautiful and very crisp & fresh.
4 some reason, I always wear a white shirt, blouse or top with this, so I tend to were this fragrance in the Spring & Summer time.

Number 3.

FLEUR D'ORANGER by Fragonard.
I loooooooooooooooooove this fragrance, It smells like oranges & sea breeze.
I discovered this when I went to Cannes earlier this year and I've been addicted ever since.
You must try this, at least once!!!!!!!!