Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas wish list #6..............COLUMBO!

The complete DVD collection of the tv series, COLUMBO!
"Just one more thing"
If u watched Columbo, the u know the 'line' above!
I loooooooooooooove Columbo, I cannot tell u how many lazy Sunday's in Los Angeles that I would just lounge at home and watch the marathons that they would show on the LIFETIME channel.
I would make sure I had all my munchies were within a hands reach so I didn't have to get up! laughing.

As an actress and a huge fan, I almost lost my mind when I was cast in a 'BIT' part on a film that he was doing, naturally I went up to him when I got the chance and just told him how much I loved him and the tv series, he was so impressed with what I knew, that he got his people to send me the entire collection.
...............but it wan't to last, when I was making my move to Norway, I realized that the dvd's ran under a different system/whatever in Norway, so I had to sell/give away almost all of my dvd's :-(
So yes, yes and YES! I would love to have this again.