Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas wish number 9!


If there ever were a store that I have walked into and no matter how hard I tried to leave without buying anything, BUT failed, it would be BARNEYS in New York City.
NewYork!!!!! My old stumping ground that I miss soooooo much!
So yes, I would love to have an UNLIMITED store card (4 a year) to buy everything I want to my hearts desire!
You name it, and they have it, EVERY designer you can think of from Clothes, shoes, jewelry and much, much more!
Aaaaaaaaand what's really great about BARNEYS is that they are very forward thinking and also push new designers that u might not have heard of but have potential to be FASHION GODS!
Oh, and let's not 4get their fantastic restaurant, WOW!
The 1 and only SIMON DOONAN the Creative Ambassador-at-Large to BARNEYS.
He is responsible for all the amazing window displays.