Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas wish list number 11.

Bond street, London.

There is nothing more romantic that receiving a hand written love letter from that special someone.
He/she gets MAJOR points for that in my book.
It exudes such good manners & breeding, without a doubt it's one of those old-fashiond traditions that just shows an individuals CLASS.

But u can also have it for yourself to send out on other occasions, such as, thanking a girlfriend for a wonderful evening in her home last week, or a kind note to your parents instead of sending an email.

That's the thing with me, I really don't mind at the speed we are going with the internet and all the gadgets that seem to come out every 5 seconds, but, .......
there are some things I feel should stay the same and never change.
And hand written letters are on top of my list.

So, yes, yes and yes I would love to have my own personalized stationary with my initials 
Oh! & Lightly scented with saddle wood & sea breeze.

It's such a lovely and moderately priced gift to give,  you CANNOT go wrong with this one.

Thank you. FDV.