Sunday, December 25, 2011

ZAC POSEN Spring Summer 2012.

The well-executed dresses & gowns Zac put on his runway were nothing short of master pieces.
 Posen focused on cut & fit, 
the more precise, the better! 
From the very 1st dress 2 hit the runway (worn by Coco Rocha), I was hooked and wanted them all hanging in my closet!
Fall is my favorite season of the year, but after seeing this  collection, I'm already looking forward to spring. 
With the accent firmly on the waist, he paired narrow, elongated jackets with high armholes with pencil skirts, and whipped up party dresses with flaring, knee-length hems.
 What gladdened my heart was that some of his jackets read "Old Hollywood" GLAMOUR, a pure favorite of mine & I know the Hollywood actresses will be charmed by a lot of what was on display here (A lot of the dresses are fantastic for on-air interviews and when u have to go on the road to promote a film). 
His collection screamed at you...
"I'm a diva.
Not to mention that the hair and make-up on the models was FLAWLESS. It really was complete look, that doesn't need any alterations to reality, you can walk off this runway into real life.
Watching the show, Victoria Beckham & the late Wallis Simpson (Duchess of Windsor) came to mind! 
Well, we all know Posen can bring the drama; 
And he absolutely achieved that in this collection.
Well done Zac.