Thursday, January 26, 2012


About 2 weeks ago Franca Sozzani
 (Editor-in-Chief of Italian Vogue) & Roberto Cavalli went to Lagos, Nigeria. 

My homeland that I'm so proud of and miss very much, especially during these winter months here in Norway!
Anyway, Franca embarked on a tour of West Africa (she also went to Ghana) in search of designers of the future!

Remember, Franca was the first ever editor in chief to create Vogue Black that is exclusively geared towards black models talent, fashion and models.
And I'm sure nobody will ever forget the iconic publication of the "Black Issue" Vogue magazine released in 2008 that was the 1st ever of it's kind dedicated to ONLY black models.
Yep Franca is responsible for all of that.

BLACK is BEAUTIFUL, AFRICA is Beyond BEAUTIFUL & Franca supports and encourages it talent any chance she gets.
So u can imagine how the Nigerian fashion industry felt when Franca came to visit! They could hardly contain their excitement.

Franca Sozzani and Nigerian Fashion designers.

And 2 have Roberto Cavalli come along for the ride, was just the icing on the cake!

The visit not only proved that there is unbelievable talent in Lagos, 
but it also served as an opportunity & sign that Nigerian Designers and West Africa as a whole, can continue to cultivate an audience outside of the continent & take the industry to the next GLOBAL level.

Nigerian designers that are taking the fashion industry by storm on a GLOBAL level are:
Folake Folarin-Coker creator of Tiffany Amber
Deola Segoe
Lanre Dasilva Ajayi
Jewel by Lisa
Duro Oluwo

Ozwald Boateng has already broken boundaries in the British menswear and earned international acclaim 4 his intuitive tailoring

Ozwald Boatang.

Franca Sozzania and a Nigerian fashion designer.

The potential of Africa's talent is proving to be endless!!
The Vogue Italia visit has provided a CONCRETE vision of how fashion has grown in leaps and bounds.
This coming Spring/Summer season can without a doubt see the influence of Africa's culture and design, from Michael Kors 2 Burberry!
What can I say?
Well done my people, well DONE! :-)