Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hello my fashionistas, R u ready for some Red carpet fun? Smiling.

So here we are again guys, at yet another award season, kicking-off with the Golden Globes. Translation..... Fashion, Red Carpet & more fashion ha! I wanted to do this review last week with my dear friend fashion Guru, Aubrey Ward, but I too had to walk the Red Carpet to my new film Varg Veum. 

Anyway, what are the Golden Globes and what does it all mean?

The Golden Globe Award is an accolade bestowed by the 93 members of the HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOCIATION (HFPA) recognizing excellence in
Both domestic (USA) & foreign.
The annual formal ceremony and the dinner at which the awards are presented is a MAJOR part of the film industry's awards season which culminates each year with the Academy awards. 
(I'll cover the Academy Red carpet as well)

When I lived in Hollywood this was by far theeeeeeee most exciting time of the year, I had so much fun going to the gifting suits, different ballroom parties and the goody bags were beyond fabulous. 
And so b'cos I lived in La-la land I will give u an inside tip on why walking the RED carpet is sooooooo important!
Well first of all u have no business attending the awards ceremony 
it's self if you are not:
A) Presenting an award.
B) Nominated for an award.
C) Performing at the awards.

So back to the RED carpet!!!!! 
Why oh why is it so important to walk it, and show the world your beautiful dress?
B'cos.........it shows all the Casting Directors, Producers and Studio Heads that u are still alive and kicking aaaaaaand ready to work.
If u're sick, with what-ever you're as good as DEAD!
 Nobody wants to cast a sick/dying actor, it's too much money for the production company to pay out in insurance and they're not sure if u will be able to complete the film without dropping dead at craft service. Then they have to re-cast your part and still payout to your bereaved spouse/family.
No, no, no! U have to look young, beautiful, Sparkling and above all things ALIVE! 
It's a walking audition platform where u give your best performance to those who count!!! (The people behind the scenes that cast u in the big buster film &TV shows that ultimately put money in your pockets so u can buy those beautiful houses in Beverly Hills and holiday in Monte Carlo:-)

THAT is why u walk the Red carpet and with the HELP of a football team of stylists, dietitians, plastic surgeons & make-up people to make sure u are SPARKLING & look nothing short of a million bucks!

So without further a-du, lets see how the ladies and gentlemen faired under the bright lights.
I didn't do everybody, just the ones I thought would be interesting to 

So, first up is............ 

Amanda Peet in Marc Jacobs.
Now Amanda got a lot of bad reviews over this dress, but I like it. The problem was that the dressed looked unfinished. The dress should have been a little longer with more flounce and the shoulder bow should have been puffier with a side-style hair do with a slash of Red lipstick!
Then she would have looked fab!


Anjelina Jolie in Versace Atelier.
The dress was nice, it reminded me of the 1940's Hollywood starlets. I just felt that the entire look was a little stiff, but still, she pulled it off and with that figure how can u ever go wrong?


Ariel Winter in Dolce & Gabbana!
Clapping my hands! I loved this dress and thought it was age appropriate, it showed off her tiny waist and the colour was vibrant. Good job Miss Winter.

Moving on!

Ben Kingsley & wife Daniela Lavender in Roberto Cavalli.
For the life of me I cannot understand why Ben thought he had to wear a tie that matched the red carpet, a fading red-to-black version for that matter! And for God's sake, why couldn't he have taken in the hem of his trousers in by 2 inches! This has just stunted his hight! Not a good look. 
His wife on the other hand was as beautiful as the Golden Globe statue they were handing out for the event.
I just wished she had made a little more effort with her hair and more make-up! The fresh look does not work on the red carpet if u are over the age of 25! Sorry ladies, myself included!


Benedict Cumberbatch in Spencer Hart.
He looked good, I wasn't crazy about the shirt and I would have appreciated it if the suit looked a little more wrinkle free. But the shoes were nice and he has a tall slim figure that helped pull off the look.


Brad Pitt in Salvertore Ferragamo.
Good job Brad! I would have given u full marks had u at least put your hair in a ponytail. Other than that, wonderful, wonderful. Boys/Guys/Men take note! This is how to dress to a black tie event!


Charlize Theron in Dior Couture.
I love my fellow African sista. Charlize never get's it wrong. She knows how to show of her figure to the very best! Loooooooved it. Although I would have snatched that headband off her as she was getting out of the car.  


Colin Firth in Tom Ford with his wife.
Another dapper gentleman. Wonderful job, he got it to a capital T.


Damian Lewis in Burberry with his wife.
FANTASTIC! 10 out of 10! Bravo.


Diane Lane in in Reem Acra & Neil Lane. 
Again very age appropriate and it showed her waist line. The gold was a good choice as it compliments the event. I just felt she looked a little old and I couldn't put my finger on it. Was it the hair? or was it the style of the dress? I still don't know!

Ok, moving on!

Elle Macpherson in Zac Posen. 
One word.... SEN...SA...TIONAL! What a beauty and u have to remember this chick is 48!
Elle owned the red carpet, her hair had the right highlights and the dress hugged her in all the right places while it lifted her bust to sky high proportions!
Diane take note!


Emma Stone in Lanvin.
What a sultry dress, I loved the rich hues of it and the tassels were seductive.
Nipped in the waist with a tough belt made it all the more unexpected.
It all came together and her hair colour was what was need to pull the look 2gether.
She has a small bust, so the deep neck line is fine, again she's young, she can get away with the look.


George Clooney in Armni.
I worked with George on a whisky commercial and I'll tell u this, he really is a man's man and as charming as ever.
He is wearing this suit and NOT the other way around! Why, b'cos this brother has got what u call the X factor! Fantastic and beyond, the suit is tailored to all his measurements with the right amount of "break" in his trousers. 12 out of 10 honey, The extra 2 marks are for beautiful ladies u never seem short of. 


Heidi Klum in Calvin Kline!
B4 I get started, Heidi I have been rendered speechless by the break-up of your marriage!
This couple really shocked me b'cos I truly love them as a couple and individually. I wish them the very best during this difficult time.
Back to the dress. Adorable, nice choice and the blue added a little POP to the nude. As for the back of the dress, I thought it was fine, it wasn't too low to where it could have be vulgar. 
It really was very Calvin and her hair, make-up & accessories were delightful and fresh, like she was coming from a far away Island/beach.


Jessica Alba in Gucci.
SHUT UP & SCREEEEEEEEM! This is how it's done! Jessica u look like u DO have a million bucks in the bank, that u DO have a healthy eating & exercise regime. Yes honey bunny u were ready for this event months ago. 

Another one coming up!

Jessica Chastine in Givenchy & Harry Winston.
Jessica, u were close. If u had just stayed away from the doughnuts for one more week and lost that LAST 5 pounds this dress would have looked sensational and beyond. BUT having said that, u still look good and the skinny belt was a nice touch to the dress and your hair colour. 


Julia Kurbatova in "I-don't-know-what-but-it's- FABULOUS!
WOW! Julia had me at 'hello" What a sight for sore eyes. The yellow was the right shade and she ooozed so much confidence on the carpet.
Beautiful woman, why do u want a girl when u can have a HOT-BLOODED woman like this????
If anybody knows the designer to her dress, pls let me know ok!
Just in!!
One of my wonderful readers has just informed me that her dress from Roland Mouret!

And the beat goes on!

Julianne Moore in Chanel Couture.
What a HUGE improvement from last year! The red in the hair makes it look healthy and thick and whenever in doubt wear black! 
Very nice Julianne, for those that remember Julianne wore a pink Lavin dress last year, that looked more like a satin bedsheet that was straggling her. 
Good to know that she's alive and well. 

Hello darling!

Kate Beckinsale in Roberto Cavalli.
This is another lady who knows how to show up for a red carpet event. Fabulous, fabulous and beyond!
Make way for the lady.

Moving on.

Kate Winslet in Jenny Peckham.
Now we all know that Katee-poo acted in the 1940's TV mini-series Mildred Pierce last year and I cannot help but wonder if she snagged this dress from the wardrobe department! If so, I want in. This is simply divine very classy, timeless and does her figure justice. Peek-a-boo bust line is the right amount of 'Flirt'. xoxo


Katherine Mcphee in DKNY.
Just the right amount of nice! It's refreshing to see NOT all the ladies walk down the carpet in looooooooong ball gowns. This is nice, I just wish she had done more with her hair and added some gold jewelry 4 that extra sparkle!


Katleen Robertson in Maria Lucia.
When I 1st saw this dress I thought it was Versace. It's nice and it was one of the few WHITE dresses to go down the red carpet. I love, love the jewelry, the blue earrings really brought focus to her eyes. If she had held her head a little higher and extended her neck, she would have been crowned with title...Elegant Swan! Maybe next time.

Moving on!

Laura Dern in Andrew Gn.
What a CLASS act! I want this dress! Sensational on her and that colour is a fantastic jewel tone of Emerald. You look killer in that dress, love, love, love it. The feathered hair style also added some fun to her and took off at least 5 more yrs off her face. Muah!


Lee Michele in Marchesa.
Well, well, well what do we have here? She's definitely making a statement and hey why not?
If the ta-ta's are staying up there without any assistance u might as well show them off b4 they start to sag yes! It's a sexy dress, she rocked it!

moving on.

Maria Menounos in I don't-know-but-love!
Hello SUNSHINE! A breath of fresh air and it was only enhanced by that amazing figure.
A lot of people thought she looked like Big bird from Sesame street, but I disagree. It was worn well with minimum fuss and accessories. 


Matthew Morrison in Dolce & Gabbana.
Clapping my hands. Woweeee Mattew definitely has a good stylist by his side. Could this be the handy work of Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe's former assistant?


Mila Kunis in Christian Dior.
The dress is sexy, I wish she had worn more 'statement' earrings.
I just wish she could have plastered a smile on her face. It would have made such a difference. 
Red carpet 101, Always TRY and sparkle on the red carpet!
She has just lost 2 major movie parts with that sour-puss face.
 Her manager will NOT be happy!

Moving on.

Nancy O'dell in Theia.
Nancy knows how to work a red carpet, hey she's gotten more than her fair share of practice since she used to be a fashion host on the red carpet! 
Anyway she looks wonderful. 
Beautiful and u can see she put in the effort. 
Bravo darling.


Natalie Portman in Lanvin.
Breathtaking, simply adorable and as sweet as candy.
I cannot but think of Audrey Hepburn when I look at this picture. 
And to think that she's just had a baby and can still boast of a waistline like this!!!!!! Beyond jealous!


Naya Rivera in Vera Wang.
I liked the dress a lot even though it got a lot of negative feed back from the press. That POP of red on her lips made all the difference.
If she had added RUBY accessories, this outfit would have been electric.


Nicole Kidman in Versace.
FANTASTIC what a tall glass of milk she is. Yes, yes & yes. 
Love the hair colour and how it picked up the dresses detail. 
Good job Nicole. xxx


Salma Hayek in GUCCI.
I like this dress on her, she's big busted and doesn't try to hide it. The detail makes the whole ensemble rich, exotic and reminds me of Studio 54.

Moving on

Shalene Woodley in Marchesa
YES, at last! 
Dress in place & her hair is away from her face.
 Simple & elegant. 
Even the lips have the right amount of colour Yep! I like it. 


Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang
A 4 effort, b'cos this is simply gorgeous. An exotic mermaid. The accessories are in place and that goes for the make-up and hair. 


Stacy Keibler in Valentino Red.
Stacy has George Clooney, a beautiful figure and face. Topped with phenomenal style.
It's not fair, u are NOT supposed to have EVERYTHING in life, but it looks as if Stacy does.
She's the absolute vision of elegance in this dress. 
Bravo darling. 


Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann.
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat! I loved this look on Tilda.
Usually she's cutting edge and masculine, but this time she gave us some hip action and draped it all in ice blue. Very feminine and very new for her. This was a really cool dress and jacket combo that I don't mind having in my wardrobe.

Moving on!


 Emily Watson in-God-knows-what!@#$%^%&^$#@!!
 Meryl Streep in a-home-made-outfit !$#$^^*((*&%#!!

I put  Emily and Meryl in the Game-changer category b'cos it will never matter what they wear or how they look b'cos they are 2 of the best actresses in the world and have  over 150 nominations  and 4 Academy awards between them.
All the rules that apply to the other actress, does not apply to them. And they will forever work in the industry until they decide to do otherwise.

moving on!

Sarah  Michelle Geller in Monique Lhuillier.
I'm struggling here to find the words............
1st of all I CANNOT believe that Monique Lhuillier made this dress (I want to see the label inside this dress)
Secondly, of ALL the dresses out there, Sarah came home with this!!!!!!!!!!
It looks as if Sarah's home is under construction and one of the painters lost his balance on the ladder and spilt the bucket of paint over Sarah's dress.
Already running late, she jumped into the limo and decided to try and sell us this ridiculous story that it's something "different" Puhleeeeeeeeez!

I gotta go!

 Shaun Robinson in Impero Couture.
Somebody fired their stylist and hired Rachel Zoe!
Well done sweetness, u look STUNNING.

 Viola Davis in Emillio Pucci.
The colour is nice, the hair and make-up is is just right.
But what I want to understand is why my dear Viola wants the slit of her dress to dance around her crotch. Has she forgotten that there's dancing at the after-party?
One or two drinks and she'll be in trouble.
Plus it's not age appropriate!
I would have liked it if she wore GOLD sandals that didn't cut her off at the ankles and shorten the legs that she is evidently determined to show off!
On the up swing of things, CONGRATULATIONS are in order, b'cos Viola has just been nominated for an Academy awards.
Congratulations Viola & I wish u the very best of luck:-)

I feel blue..........

 Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen.
A word to the wise, not everything u see on the runway translates into real life without major adjustments!
This is sad b'cos this really is a phenomenal dress and even more so if u are tall.
Kelly didn't wear this dress, the dress wore her and to make it worse it lost that 'Zac Pozen' magic and just looked like a card board box spray painted in blue.
I don't know why Kelly is smiling, there is nothing to smile about here, and I'm not even going to talk about her hair. 


Jessica Biel in Elie Saab.
Adorable, she has just gotten engaged to Justin Timberlake so perhaps she's trying all these dresses ready for her big day.
Either way, it's beautiful and she's glowing. Beautiful.

Moving on.

Nicole Richie in Julien Macdonald.
The usually skinny Nicole looks divine in this dress. Either she's put on weight or this dress wonders for her body type.
The bangs are glamourous on her and those big brown eyes have the right amount of shadow that doesn't over power the face. SLEEK!

The last but not the least!

Reese Witherspoon in Zac Pozen.
Ist of all Zac should be really happy with himself, he showcased the most dresses on the ladies for this event. 
Reese darling looks beautiful in this dress. 
She's giving off that-rolled-out-of-bed-look and threw on the dress as she dashed out the door.
It works for her, u can tell she's happy in her second marriage. 
Good for u Reese u look Gorg! 

Well that's it folks, please, please leave your comments as I would love your feed back. This is only my opinion, I would love to hear yours. 
xoxo FDV.