Friday, March 23, 2012



I'd been sick 4 just over a week,  & was getting really bored of staying at home, so I was over the moon with joy when my girlfriend Cathrine, invited me to Hugo Boss's evening out, introducing their SS12 collection.

Make-up - ISADORA Cosmetics
Jewelry - H&M
Watch - Gucci
Dress - Comme des Garcons vintage.
White toe polish - Essie
Wedge sandals - Prada

French Shipping Tycoon & Fashion blogger- Alain Pouey. 
Click HERE 2 go 2 Alain's blog!

Champagne anyone? 

My dear friend and fashion blogger, Cathrine Deaton Heibø :-)))

With fellow Norwegian fashion blogger - Hanne Erøy
Hanne is wearing a second-hand suit by UFF, 
purse from Top Shop & necklace from Gina Tricot.
Click 2 go 2 Hanne's blog here.

Macaroons  anyone?

With friend and fashion blogger - Navraj Kaur!

Pianist/Composer - Aksel Kolstad

Hugo Boss guest - Princess Sara.

Charity Organiser - Henke Sjefen