Friday, March 23, 2012


Yes, my darlings, I've turned from a sick chocolate bunny into a Party Queen in a matter of days she laughs.
Tonight I attended the launch of my friend's amazing magazine.
Helen Tayo is the Editor-in-Cheif and is such an inspiration to all.
The magazine is about fashion, culture, African beauty and much, much more.
I'm featured in the next publication so I'll keep u posted.
Have a nice weekend my darlings.

Make-up - Isadora cosmetics.
Feathers - Warner Brothers wardrobe department, Los Angeles.
Dress - Lagos, Nigeria.
Earrings - Robert Lee Morris.
Neck choker - Robert Lee Morris.
Wrist Cuff - Top Shop.
Watch - Hermes.
Shoes - Jimmy Choo (Sorry u can't c them, I'll wear them again 2 another event).