Wednesday, March 7, 2012



This was one train u didn't want to miss!

And for those of u that didn't get to see the show, I have the great pleasure of filling u in.
I for one have always been a lover of anything DRAMATIC!

Anyway Marc-e-poo (my pet name 4 him)
 sashayed the models from a 
steam-engine-choo-choo-train that actually drove right into the runway space with the models looking through the windows as it came in to an ever excited clapping audience.
(and this was b4 the audience even got to see the clothes)
As the models took their turn to disembark from the train, there were porters (very good looking men/boys) assigned to each model walking along side them with the most amazing colourful 
LV luggage ever!
There is always a reason 2 save the best show for the last and this by far is one of the best shows throughout the entire fashion week month.
It was an unbelievably amazing cinematic show that didn't allow u to only focus on the clothes but to enjoy the entire package and truly transport u to another era!
 I looooooooooved every second of it.
Marc Jacobs is not only a designer, but a genius.
When asked what his inspiration was for the collection, he said he was interested in
 "things looking like they were from a different time"
& that, was for sure captured in the collection that reminded me soooooooo much of the English HIT television series..
Downton Abbey.

Designer King, Marc Jacobs.

Who Showed up 2 watch the show?
Sarah Jessica Parker with Marc Jacobs.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Anna Wintour

Sarah Jessica Parker in the train 4 her own experience!

Anna Dello Russo & Bryan Boy.

Click below and enjoy one of the most sensational shows of the season.