Saturday, March 10, 2012



When my dear friend & make-up King, Stephan Ulvund Øien, asked me to be the 'FACE' for women-of-colour, 
for the new 
"Multi-Cultural" line by Scandinavian make-up brand ISADORA, 
I was truly honored.

Make-up - ISADORA
  Photographer - Ole Desalu-Vold

Pls click HERE to go to ISADORA magazine.

Look out for the new 
ISDORA magazine- Spring -Summer edition out now!

To be chosen as the face to represent all multi-cultural ethnicities, 
is a great accolade that I truly appreciate.
One thing is for sure, I love, love, love make-up and it's such a big part of my life, simply b'cos of my career as a model & actress.
Make-up is a BIG part of being camera-ready!
& the new multi-cultural line is full of vibrant colours that really 'POP' on my beautiful dark skin.

Norwegian Make-up artist extraodinaire 
Stephan Ulvund Øien

Stephan is a wonderful one of theeeee BEST make-up artist in Norway. 
He is also the head make-up artist for ISADORA cosmetics.
His body of work is legendary, from turning models into beautiful swans @ Oslo fashion week, Various fashion shows, Photo-shoots, Music Videos, Theatre and the list goes on.
When Recording Artist and designer, Kanye West came into town, (Yes! They all love Oslo!) he wanted Stephan to go on tour with him b'cos he is that GOOD at what he does best.........creating  BEAUTIFUL people with his vision and magical hands.
 Stephan & I had such a wonderful day 2gether when he tried out the new make-up line on me.
The make-up is really, really good and again, such delicious colours the company made specially for women of colour / darker skin.
So all my dark skinned DIVAS living in Scandinavia, run out there and buy ISADORA mak-up!
You will Looooooooove it!
And as a treat, I was given the entire line of the make-up collection 2 take home:-))))
Tusen, tuesn takk (Thank you, thank you very much) my darling Stephan.