Monday, March 5, 2012



Miuccia Prada is on a roll! Her men's collection that she show cased in January was powerful, strong and one of the best collections, I thought as a whole for men the entire season.
So I was nor surprised to see what she was going to display in the women's collection. And I wasn't disappointed!
Right away as soon as I saw the collection, I thought of my folks and how they lived in the 1970's, of the block-buster-movie-HIT!...
Austin Powers:-)))
The entire collection was a reminiscent of all things that was great in the 70's without the flared pants!
And with the help of make-up guru, Pat McGrath, it dash of high GLAMOUR.never thought yellow/orange eyebrows could look so fab!.....really!
 I also LOOOOOOOVED the mix of prints & patterns, not 2 mention that the pant-suits were absolutely divine!

Designer Queen Miuccia Prada.

Click 2 watch the show below.