Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Since the universal language is English, and Fashion is universal, it's nice to see that many international publications are making it's reading material accessible to all.

I've lived in 3 different Continents, lived in over ten Cities and visited over forty of those Cites.
So it would be impossible for me to have my blog in anything else but English so I could involve every part of my life. 
Learning a new language is powerful and liberating, and I say this from a personal experience.
Having said that, there are so many bloggers, magazines and websites from different parts of the world that deliver fantastic material to their readers everyday.'s in another language:-(

Using google-translate can be very 
time-consuming and doesn't encourage you to come back to that particular site or magazine.
 It also goes against the very thing they are trying to do which is 'SHARING" on a global level.
Anna Dello Russo
Bryan Boy
Elin Kling
And so many other top bloggers have their material in English b'cos they see the power in numbers and how they are reached out by different parts of the world, in many cases, places and countries they haven't even visited:-)

Good job French Vogue!