Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm checking into Paradise hotel and I need somebody to help me carry my 16 suitcases!

Last week I stumbled across the picture above, and what came to mind was just pure PARADISE
I closed my eyes, 
and could feel the warmth from the sun,
Taste the tropical fruits,
and enjoy the beautiful animals around me.
Yes, this picture is the closet thing to my vision of heaven.

Then I thought to myself,
 "What on earth would I wear there?"................

Salvatore Ferragamo's Spring Summer 2012 collection, 
is jammed packed with 
eye-poping colours, 
wild prints 
and a style flare reminiscent of Studio 64.
Throw in Bianca Jagger, Jackie O and 
Grace Jones, and this would be a party in heaven that NOBODY would want to miss.
The night-life would be amazing, dancing all night looooooong!

Designer Massimiliano Giornetti

Click below to watch the Runway Show!