Sunday, May 20, 2012


These necklaces are so beautiful, I just had to blog about them. 

Ok, so what happened? Let me start from the beginning, there is an exclusive bunch of fashionistas on Facebook, and we all follow each other b'cos of our serious passion for fashion! 
Anyway today, a fellow fashionista SHADDERS,  tagged me to the necklace below and I just lost my mind!
This is one of the reasons I love fashion so much, the excitement and pure joy I experience when I see something so beautiful, just leaves me speechless every single time!

Sara Lowery Ng is the owner and designer of Nobel House Designs.
A colourful jewelry line out of Houston.
Sara says she's inspired by the splendor of things, traveling to exotic destinations, exploring new cultures & anything of tribal design.
She's also inspired by vintage 1970's, West Palm Beach era, great books, fashion magazines and above all........colour, colour and more colour. I like her even more, she laughs.