Saturday, June 30, 2012


If u know me very well, then u will know that my love and passion 4 Kaftans & Maxi dresses are endless.
Camilla & her models!

So u can imagine how I feel now that I've discovered designer Camilla Franks from Australia who make theeeeeeeeee most beautiful Kaftans I've ever seen. 
I want every single one, b'cos they are so breathlessly amazing and her use of chiffon gives off this floaty essence that makes them so GLAMOROUS! 

It doesn't matter you shape size of age and they are simply wonderful when u are expecting that little bundle of joy!
Camilla Franks began her foray into fashion in the theatre, where she started designing flamboyant costumes to represent her characters. She quickly gained a reputation for beautiful costumes made from gorgeous fabrics that were also very wearable. Demand grew for her simple kaftan styles, and her line was born. Women all over the world flock to her label for resort and casual wear with her signature graphic prints and free-flowing designs. She is best known for her colourful kaftans, but her resort wear collection has expanded to include ready-to-wear items that cater to a variety of clients. She wants the woman who wears her fashions to be comfortable, colourful and relaxed.

Beyonce & Oprah R fans:-)

On day one of Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, Camilla Franks' show had gathered the biggest crowd so far. Fans of her luxe resort fashion were eager to see what her spring-summer collection would bring. Her new collection, called Gypset, takes the wearer on a journey through some of the world's more exotic locales, with inspiration from North Africa, Morocco, India and Japan. In addition to kaftans, this collection includes shorts, blouses, jump suits, swimwear and the "mantan'' kaftan for guys.

Her philosophy, that “All women have the right to look and feel beautiful no matter their age, colour, size or origin,” is unique in the fashion world, and is no doubt part of her huge popularity. Celebrity fans of her vibrantly coloured clothing include Oprah Winfrey, Lily Allen, Kim Cattrall, Kate Hudson, Fergie, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani. She has hosted trunk shows in Greece and Dubai, and has partnered with six-star Huvafen Fushi Resort and Spa chain, W Hotel, The Four Seasons Hotel and Qualia Resort. She has been featured as a guest judge on the hit show Project Runway Australia.

Kaftan genius, CAMILLA FRANKS!