Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I WISH........

Like any other girl, there are times when I flip through a magazine or cruz through different sites on the web and just swoon over a dress, bag, hairstyle, accessory or all of the above and just WISH I had it!
The picture just STOPS u in your tracks, even if u are sitting down, u feel as if you're not breathing!
And this happens to me ALL the time regardless of the fact that I've just bought 7 new outfits, there's always something out there that u still want.
Well that's the thing, since we CANNOT have everything, the best thing is to have wish list........to the relief of my dear husband:-)

So, today I've made 'that' list & I wanted to share.

So without further ado, I WISH I had...............

 The green dress

 The whole outfit

 That hair & colour

 The dress &  Hermes Cuff!

 Those sequined leggings

 The dress

 This adorable top and the pants could come along 4 the ride 2

 That I could do this hairstyle and the lines were straight!

 This adorable dress

 The bag

 The bag, skirt & shoes
The girl in the picture is not a model, but actually a very famous fashion blogger from Italy, her name is Chiara Ferragni.
Click HERE 2 go 2 her FUN blog.

 The dress

 The dress and shoes!

 The dress

 The dress

 The hair & the dress

 The dress, I couldn't breath when I saw this!

 Of course the dress!

 The leggings

 The swimsuit 

 The dress

 This dress, but then I'd cut the top off & wear this with a cream coloured racer-back T-shirt!

 The dress, the colour just kills me.

 The dress

The dress, jewels and hair.

 The whole look

 The dress

This dress!!!!!
 With all my heart, I wish I had it hanging in my wardrobe! 

 The red Chanel bag.

 The jacket and the pants, I'm sure by now u can see that I have a soft spot for sequins! It's stems from my childhood u c my mother was my 1st fashion Icon and in those days Donner Summer and Diana Ross were the 'IT' girls and my mother would wear outfits similar to theirs, when I first saw my Mum dressed up and ready for an evening out with my Dad, ........
My 7yr old self fell in love right there in my pjammers.
As a matter of fact, I think I tried to take some of the sequins of her dress and attach it to my pjammers, she laughs.

 The whole look and the apartment by the beach, It reminds me so much of a time in the 70's. Looooooove it!

 The suit but I would tailor the trousers for a much more tapered look. I think a straight leg would be so much hotterrrrrr!

 The whole outfit. When I look at this, I think of Princess Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Onasis and Jennifer Lopez.

 The whole batch!!!

 The dress

 The skirt

 The dress, I know that it's not everybody's cup of tea, but I really do love this dress!

 The orange dress! I live for colour!

 Her hair/weave curls!

 The whole outfit, I very seldom wear black, but I'll make this an exception.

I love the flower pants! 

Monday, July 30, 2012



A Room with a view.
This was taken from our hotel room window!

 I looooooooooooved the walk-in wardrobe at the hotel, especially the draws in which I could put all of my jewelry:-)))))

We stayed at the Hesperia Tower Hotel and it's one of the most wonderful hotels I've ever stayed in and the Service was excellent!

The Barcelona Airport!

 On our way home we passed through Dusseldorf & spent a night. 
I hadn't been back in Germany for 20rys!
It was bittersweet, bos I have a friend who lives in Dusseldorf but the time was way too short!