Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hello my darlings, so sorry 4 being MIA
(Missing in Action)
I've been in Barcelona, Spain!

Usually I would put up pics while on holiday, but so much is happening in my life right now, that I just wanted to have a break and not think or do anything but have fun while I was on vacation.
But did I miss u?????
Yes my darlings! Of course I did:-)))))
Anyway, I'm back now and will load up some more pics later I promise.
It's going to be another crazy week ahead b'cos a friend of mine is getting married & my best friends are all coming from the USA, UK & Germany, so u know it's going to be a blast.
And let's not even mention the fact that the Olympics are in full swing!!!! YEY!
Plus another friend has a birthday coming up, so naturally we are all going to go out and have some more fun.
And this is all going on while I'm in the studio every day editing my Fashion Television show and getting ready for Oslo, Stockholm and New York Fashion week! Phew. 
So u c, I have an exciting 6 wks ahead of me!
Fully booked:-)))))

Beach wrap - H&M, Oslo.
Swimsuit - Marks & Spencer, London.
Swim Cap - Harrods, London.