Saturday, August 18, 2012


With the owners/designers of the Norwegian fashion house, MOODS OF NORWAY!

For those of u who don't know of the fashion house, 'Moods of Norway' is the most prestigious fashion house in Norway with stores in Los Angeles on Robertson blvd and a store that will soon be opened in Soho in New York City!
They also made the uniforms for the Norwegian Olympic team which was really stylish and get this, the clothes are available for sale at their stores as well as on line:-)

I looooooooooooooved the PINK carpet, 
So refreshing and fun and young and everything Bubble Gum. 
As a matter of fact now that I think of it, I'm looking for a nail polish this exact colour for my toes!

There is a saying that one should always save the best for last and with the performance that the fashion house 'MOODS OF NORWAY' put up last night, I most definitely agree!
They closed out fashion week in Oslo last night and NOBODY wanted it to end.
It was't just a fashion show and after party, that would be an insult to what I saw last night. 
My darling was a PRODUCTION of magnificence!

I've been to a lot of RED carpet events for film premiers in Hollywood, and last night Moods was right up there with the rest of best film premiers:-)
For a split second I really did feel I was in LA.
There was popcorn, chocolates, candyfloss, finger food and pictures that you could take against the Mood's press wall that went straight to INSTAGRAM to share with all your friends plus a hard copy to take with u home! 

 The owners/designers of Moods of Norway!
FREE manicures! Wonderful, I have to admit, these guys thought of everything,....These guys are a girl's BEST friend!

 With my darling friend Fiffi Feka.

I'm in a very good MOOD:-))))))))

 With Maia Drachensteen & fashion designer, Kassem Collin Cherry 2 my immediate left & Stylist & make-up artist, Stephan Ulvund Øien &  Lise Karlsen to my right. 
 Maia & Lise own one of the most amazing vintage boutiques in Oslo called Manillusion. 

 Dress - Vercase 4 H& M
Neck Chocker  - Vercase 4 H&M
Bracelet - Vercase 4 H&M
Earrings - Gold earrings, a gift from my Mum:-)
Bag - Chanel
Shoes - Tory Burch
Watch - Gucci
Gold dust on my shoulders by cosmetic company MAC
False eyelashes - MAC
Makeup- By Isadora
Lipstick - by IMAN

 DJ Teddy & DJ Blendah kept us on our feet even b4 the party started and well into the wee hours of the morning!

 Drinks anyone???

And then came the food, at this point I knew I was in trouble and I could feel my thighs expanding underneath my dress!

 Puff weakness!

 Fashion designer and good friend Kassem Collin Cherry.


 Such amazing and talented guys and loads of fun too!
 With darling Edna Falao
 Fun, fun, fun with the girls!
Maia Drachensteen from Manillusion, 
 Editor-in-Chief of Norway's Cosmopolitan magazine, 
Ingeborg Heldal 
(Indeborg was wearing a fabulous dress from the Manillusion boutique)
and Owner of Vintage Boutique Manillusion, Lise Karlsen.

Even the guys were dressed up!

 Navaraj Kaur another amazing girl and an even more amazing fashion blogger!
Navaraj's Blog
 Darling Tatiana Pettersen.
With Tatiana  and Lidiane Amorim.
My dear friend and fashionista, Svitlana Punharova.
Svitlana just had a fantastic Pink Birthday Party last week, but I was unable to go, hey!..... work prevailed.

 She looked sensational and I fell in love with her bag which she said she had bought in South Africa!

 Male fashion Blogger and good friend Alain Pouey!
He's also going for New York fashion week, so it's really going to be fun:-)
Alain's Blog

 Cotton Candy! I cannot tell u when I last eat this, maybe when I was 6!

As if that was't enough, we were taken to the movies, literally! Yep, the fashion show was presented on stage with the most beautiful clothes for both men and women.
I'm putting in my order right NOW!
There were also circus acts in-between with contortionists, gymnasts and dancers and the MODELS came on stage with a 1950's theme while we the guests gyrated in our seats to the 
  JAMES BOND soundtrack blasting from the sound machines! SPEECHLESS!
 The entire theater was packed, one would have thought it was the release of the feature film,
 Sex & the City part 3!

 And so the show began..........

Super model Sonja Wander just took my breath away..............

 Super Model & Recording Artist, Mimi Blix was beyond beautiful, it was so great 2 c her on stage!
Mimi's Blog

This dancer above was simply AMAZING, going in and out as the models made and existed the stage!
I couldn't take my eyes off of him, and I'm a happily married woman she laughs!

The 'JAMES BOND theme was fantastic, 
MI6 would have been very proud:-))))

 BRAVO! Astanding ovation!


 With fellow fashion blogger, Hanne Erøy.
Hanne's Blog

With celebrities left and right, I didn't know which way to turn.
So who was there?
The Editor-in-Chief of Norwegian Cosmopolitan magazine, Ingeborg Heldal, Party planner, Ronnie Ottem and his hubby Eirik,  Elisa Røtterud also from Cosmopolitan magazine, Stylist and Make-up Guru, Stephan Ulvund Øien and his boyfriend fashion designer, Kassem Collin Cherry, Actress, Marianne Westby and so many more fabulous people! 
Every seat in the huge theater had beach-striped blue and white gift bags for u to take home after the show.  
The whole theater was pumped up to the max with electric and intoxicating energy, making new friends and catching up with old friends that hadn't seen each other in a while.
The house was full of very beautiful people. 
And as the fashion show came to a close another door was opened........the after party that was in the same building, upstairs where nobody needed directions b'cos u could hear the sound of a live band and a girl sounding like the recording artist Prince.

 She was AMAZING!!!!!! Go MAYA!
Songstress and recording Artist, MAYA VIK brought the house down! 
EVERYBODY was dancing to beat of the music, myself included! 
What sensational performance Maya gave us!
Maya's website

 With Norwegian Super Model Sonja Wander, it was nice to see her on the runway an do her thing, a really lovely and down to earth person, Last time we met up was in Cannes.
 Studio 54!

 The amazing Marianne Jentegård, a fabulous fashion reporter @ Good Morning Norway on TV2!
She reminded me so much of the 70's Pop singer Blondie!
Marianne's website called VIXEN!

I danced and drank and forgot about my diet b'cos the finger food was so scrumptious and pint sized, I felt I could get away with a few mouthfuls that turned out to a whole lot more she laughs.
It was an amazing evening, the weather just to seemed to smile down on us, so warm and inviting, it wasn't a surprise that guests spilled outside to yet another decorated theme,...........STUDIO 54!
With a crystal ball to match! Ha!
My only regret last night, nope, I have 2,, that I didn't have my film crew with me and 2, that all of u were't there to share it.
As I type this, I cannot for the life of me, think what Moods of Norway is going to present next year b'cos, this is by far the best show/production they have ever presented/produced.
I'm really looking forward to their store opening next month in New York, b'cos I know it's going to be  amazing. 
Take note fashionistas, THIS is how to throw a PARRTY:-)

 Marianne and I or as we were called last night.......
Blondie & Grace Jones.
It was sooooooooo STUDIO 54!
 With style God & Television personality, Cato Stenerud.
 Off the farm in the pink tractor :-)
Super Model Twins, Julie & Amalie Moe !!!!! 
+ Mummy in the middle.

And as they say in Hollywood,
 "There's no business like Show business" 

Until next time my darlings, xoxo