Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Ladies and gentlemen, it's with great honor that I introduce to u my friend and an AMAZING fashion designer, 
Kassem Collin Cherry!
Yesterday he took my breath away with this absolutely beautiful portrait of me that I just had to share.
Only the very great designers of our time have the ability to draw and to illustrate.
Well, remember the name darlings, b'cos with out a doubt, Collin is going to be one of the greatest designers of our time.

Thank u my dearest Collin, Tusen, tusen takk. xoxoxo

Collins portrait of me above and the original below.

Designer and illustrator, Kassem Collin Cherry.

Below is an illustration of a sensational dress that Collin made.
He's promised to make me a dress for the Oscars next year :-))
..........I cannot wait!

Illustration By Kassem Collin Cherry Fashion Speed Painting.