Monday, September 24, 2012

ANNA DELLO RUSSO 4 H&M :-))))))))

OCT- 4th - 2012
Save the above date ladies! 
Call in sick to work or school & cancel your Pilates class!!!!! 
B'cos Anna Dello Russo's accessories will be available at H&M stores world wide for you to grab with both hands!!!!
What you should do 
is start planning & plotting on how much money you can get from loved ones, boyfriends, lovers, husbands (guilty) and OLD boyfriends (they owe u), friends with benefits and/or Sugar Daddy's, whatever!
 to make sure you can buy the entire collection which I simply think is just pure 

I WANT this hat:-)))))))

See u on the 4th ladies!
Aaaaaaaand no pushing &/or shoving, I'm suited & booted this time around plus, I'll be wearing razor sharp sunglasses and I mean razor sharp!
She laughs.