Saturday, September 22, 2012


Thank you to all of u for an AMAZING job:-))

With fashion Show Producer, Tai Chunn and & former  Elite  model booker Richard Pelzer.

Every fashion week season around the world people come far and wide to look at some of the most amazing fashion shows and yes, the clothes always takes my breath away but for the first time, I really want to focus on what it takes to really bring forth a successful show!
It's called "back of the house" and what it means is that there are magicians, (I'm not kidding) behind the scenes that make the show a magical experience for all of us to watch at the front of the house (Stage and seating).
So this is NOT about the show or any show for that matter, it's about the people who all work so hard and are seldom given the recognition for what they do.

1st of all, dearest Tai, it was such a pleasure working on production with you, as a model I thought I really knew everything, but u taught me so much more about what goes into producing a show!
Tai's job is ENDLESS, as he overseas everything and brings in the press, PR, Celebrities, Sponsors, the show venue, u name it, 
he did it!

Monique Tatum who is a Publicist & CEO of Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR was in charge of all the publicity for the show and did an amazing job, it was also and added plus for me as we became friends and arranged for me to attend other fashion shows during fashion week, thank u my dearest Monique. 
PR GURU, Monique Tatum, 
second from the right with beautiful long black hair. 
The two men dearest to my heart!
Thank u to me one and only dearest husband, Ole whom without, 
I would NEVER have been able to capture all the beautiful images of fashion week:-)

They are the wonderful soldiers dressed in black (most of the time) who seat the guests, walk the VIP's, place seating cards, programs & gift bags on the chairs as well as make sure that the front row have the most glorious celebs camera ready for the international press!
At the Nina Skarra show there were approximately 40+ volunteers that worked on the production for free! 
These young ushers are from F.I.T. and they usually work at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week every season to gain experience, they were wonderful and I thanked them for all of their effort.
 It was also an experience for me to work with them and to see how they seemed to have everything under control.

Naturally they dress the models who can be DIVA's sometimes and have talented hands to fix broken zips, loose buttons, be used to nudity and know all shoe and clothes sizes in American, European & English. Plus they must know the run of the show and take orders from stylists as well as last minute changes from the designer, change jewelry from each outfit to the next!
Aaaaaaaaaand all of this in approximately 20 minutes flat!

I thanked the dressers b4 the show and told them how much of a necessity they were, after all, I still remember my modeling days and they are such a great asset to looking amazing on the runway!
Remember these faces darlings, b'cos u never know, they could be the BIG designers of tomorrow.

Dressers at their stations ready for the show!

The Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists.
No explanation needed, once the models come down the runway, u can see for yourself how fabulous, talented & gifted these people are.
The Make-up team have to deal with temperamental skin, different skin tones and know and own every makeup brand on the market.
As for the hair stylists, versatility is key with a broad imagination as well as amazing creativity to deal with different hair textures.
Make-up GURU and Genius, Kim Roxie
 (African American, 3rd from left) and her team were fantastic!
I'm still waiting for my make-up goodies Roxie baby! xoxo

Hair Stylist Bridgett Joe, 
was amazing with the hair, the models hair looked so effortless and beautiful, I'm for sure going to try that look soon.

The MODELS will ALWAYS have me on their side! I love them, for what they bring and the fact that they turn into completely different people, when it's SHOW TIME. Confidence is a quality that you have to have to perform in front of so many people with blazing lights in your face!
Great job girls. xoxo

With Mezei Jefferson
of Soft Sheen Carson & the head of the hair team for the show and many shows during NY fashion week. 
Mezei also got L'Oreal to sponsor for the Norwegian designer and provided ALL the sponsorship products & gift bags! WOW!
I Loooooooooved him, And I learned one or 2 tricks that's I'm going to try with my hair!
Thank you so very much Mezei, for all of your love, generosity & contribution that you gave us, all for FREE!
Not to mention the fact, that all the models hair looked AMAZING b'cos of u. xoxo

Chief make-up Artist, Kim Roxie.

As I said, Tai's job is never done, here he's speaking to the press and making sure all the media outlets get an exclusive about the show!

What am I wearing?

T-shirt - The Gap 
Skirt - Zara
Zebra belt - Mango
Bag - Chanel
Black hair bow - Chanel
Watch - Hermes 
Bangle - Accessorize
Necklace - Vero Moda - (Oslo)

Talking with the Ushers, the Celebrities are coming in and we need to make sure everything is spaced out and seating is right, double check and double check again.! 

This girl had my heart, such a lovely girl.

This is Fashion Show Producer's Tai Chunn's mother:-))
Things can get so crazy when you're producing a show and there was one night when I needed to talk to Tai and I called Mama Tai at Midnight looking for him!........aaaaaaand she actually picked up the phone!!!!
What a wonderful person she is and it was such an honor to finally meet her after talking to her over the phone for 5 months.
A heart of GOLD.

A mimi model of Lincoln Center from above.

The models.
As I've mentioned b4, I'm on the MODEL'S team, they really work hard and when you're starting out in the modeling industry, many times you're not paid but compensated in trade, translation, you are given clothes instead of cash. So u can have all of these beautiful clothes for NEXT year and still have to find a way to pay your rent. A lot of models and myself included, had to get another job to keep going. And on top of that, they have to stay model thin, something that I should do more of, she laughs.

Norwegian Press, Sonia Vold who came from Oslo, Norway & Merete Gamst who lives in Los Angeles and works with the paper from there. 
They're from the prestigious Norwegian newspaper VG.

With Naina Seth, & sister-in-law, Puji Seth, who's a freelance television producer, & works on different shows 4 different networks:-).
Norwegian fashion Editor, Silje Pedersen to my left in White and blue with her crew.
The Celebrities are coming in!
Tai with NY Giants, William Beatty!

Former reality star, Alex McCord from the TV Show, The real housewives of New York.


Recording Artist, Lil kim really looked amazing 
in Ralph Lauren.

Celebrity Fashion Stylist/Designer & TV Host, June Ambrose of the Tv Show, 'Styled by June' aaaaaaand Lil Kim.

More Celebs!
Tai & I with the guys from Norwegian design house
It's always nice when a fellow design house pay homage & support to a fellow designer! 
I personally think it shows a lot of confidence and above all, generosity and class!

The DREAM team
Bridgett, Tai, me & Roxie.

My dear friend, Neanda from the Wall Street Journal also came to show her love and support aaaaand write an article on the show:-)))))))

Lil Kim & her assistant, Oh! isn't her life grand:-)))
One Tree Hill actress, India De Beaufort in cream.

The Audience!

 are so very important in EVERY show b'cos they drive the news through all channels at neck breaking speed!

Checking it out from above!
Show producer, Tai Chunn watching the show from above and making sure everything is running smoothly from above.
I can hear him now! "Que the DJ now! " She laughs.

With actress, Kaitlyn Jenkins from the new Television Show, Bunheads!

As the American/Norwegian fashion representative, 
I'm Still working too,
 I'm introducing Lil Kim to the Norwegian press so that they can get an exclusive interview from her to air all the way in Norway immediately after the show.

With Norwegian fashion editor Marianne Jemtegård

Love & Support
It was soooooo nice to have my sister come and support me, Ronke lives in New York and I miss her so very much when I'm in Oslo.
Sisters are so precious! 

Zac Posen also showed his collection here the following evening.

Greatness at Avery Fisher Hall.

Paul Leroy Robeson born, April 9, 1898 – January 23, 1976 was an American singer and actor who was a political activist for the Civil Rights Movement
Robeson won a scholarship to Rutgers University, where he was a football All-American and class valedictorian. He graduated from Columbia Law Schoolwhile playing in the National Football League (NFL) and singing and acting in off-campus productions. After theatrical performances in The Emperor Jonesand All God's Chillun Got Wings he became an integral part of the Harlem Renaissance.
Robeson's renditions of spirituals, broadcast in, and imported to, Great Britain, became part of popular music in Great Britain in the 20th century. His portrayal of Shakespeare's Othello was the first of someone of African descent to take the role in Great Britain, in an otherwise all-white cast, since Ira Aldridge's 19th century portrayal.
His father's background as a former slave, and his personal awareness of social injustices transformed Robeson into a political activist. He became a supporter of the Republican forces of the Spanish Civil War and then became active in the Council on African Affairs (CAA). During World War II, he played Othello in America while supporting the country's war effort.

Jazz Masterpiece Four Black Immortals 

at Avery Fisher Hall

Jimmy Heath Big Band,16 Strings and the A.R.C. Choir, conducted by the award-winning Jimmy Heath performed Ernie Wilkin's Four Black Immortals at Avery Fisher Hall. 
This long jazz suite is divided into four sections covering the lives of musician, athlete, actor and scholar Paul Robeson, baseball player Jackie Robinson, ministers and human rights activists Malcolm X and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A narrative written and read by Camille Yarbrough opens each section. The music captures and embodies each man's life, both celebrating and eulogizing these great African-American figures.
Above source from wikipedia

My dearest and wonderful Jack, I tell u guys, value your elders, they are so wise and, u will always walk away learning something new from them.
Jack gave me a tour of Avery Fisher hall and also taught me some of my African American history of which I posted above this picture.
I adored him and he adored me, I said to him "Oh Jack, I'm already spoken for" & he said "darling, any sisters?" She laughs out loud.
Good bye Jack, and I promise, I'll come and  u visit soon.

All photography by Ole Desalu-Vold.