Friday, September 21, 2012



With Designer Cesar Galindo.

Gwen Stephani and Cesar Galindo.
 Cesar Galindo is my dream designer and I can just see Grace Jones and myself included grabbing every fabulous head piece that was placed on these beautiful models heads!
One word...........FABULOUSITY from head to toe.

So let's start from the beginning..........
Cesar Galindo is an amazing fashion designer with friends in high places who dresses the stars and I hope one day me as well.
He's has been in the fashion industry for over 20yrs and first rose to fame when his washed silk kimono dress made the cover of ELLE magazine in july of 1993 on the every delicate and beautiful shoulders of Supermodel of the moment.....Karen Mulder! 
CZAR is his secondary collection that he launched in fall of last year, wait! There's more, 
 Cesar also works as a contract designer for private clients such as Joan Jett, Courtny Cox, Madonna and Gwen Stephani (Aha, no wonder her collection is so amazing) and 4 established labels including Dolce & Gabbana where he designed predominately 4 nine years followed by 7 seasons for Calvin Klein. AHMAAAZING!

 What am I wearing u ask?

T-shirt - The Gap
Skirt- Husband's familyScottish kilt 
Shoes - Tory Burch
Belt - Hermes
Necklace - TopShop

 Every fashion week season, I always look out for THAT model that stops me in my tracks, and sometimes, seasons and seasons can go by and I'm not moved by what I see,
 I was stopped in my tracks and I just couldn't stop looking at her unbelievably striking face. 

It was such a FANTASTIC presentation of some of the most 

beautiful clothes and head pieces I've seen in a long, long 

time. There is nobody doing what Cesar is doing right now

and that's what's separates design houses that have 

shelf lives of 30 plus years and others that don't survive 

3 yrs.....

It's called originality.

All photography by - Ole Desalu-Vold.