Friday, September 21, 2012


The great thing about fashion week is that it's always full of surprises and you really can dress any which way you like! 
You can go all out and express yourself and really have FUN with fashion. (I always take full advantage of this, wink)
It's a whole week about celebrating fashion with your own take/interpretation of what U think is cool.
Another element to fashion week, is that, not everything that's fascinating, happens on the runway! 
As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things abuzz off the runway that spills all way into the lounge area to the stairs outside, and unto the streets!Ha.

Take a look & you'll c what I mean:-)

All dressed in PINK from head 2 toe.
It's ALWAYS great to bump into old friends, ........ALWAYS!!!!!!
 Editors & bloggers are a necessity during fashion week!

Chicbytd the GREAT! 
I just LOVED her BLUE hair:-).
Chicbytd's fashion blog below!

 Chicbytd Nzimande Da Silver and Tee Lam Dubois 
were by far the BEST dressed people I met @ NYFW 

The pure MAGIC of fashion illustrator, Kris Keys
I was speechless to say the least! She sooooo made my day.
Please treat yourself to her website below:-)

I was hair & make up ready, 
but I didn't know I had to be camera ready too, she laughs!

 MAYBELLINE gave away a lot of free goodies! 
 Dress - Max Mara
Necklace - Lanvin 4 H&M
Earrings - Robert Lee Morris
Head piece - given 2 me from the Wardrobe department @ the Oslo drama school:-)
Shoes - Tory Burch
Make-up by Isadora
Fragrance - Viktor & Rolf- Flowerbomb
 It's one of these most flattering things when a fashion blogger really adores what you are wearing and they cannot wait to publish it! I dress for me and it's really nice when you inspire others from what comes from your heart aaaaaaand ..........
you''re brave enough to wear it.... WITH confidence!

All photography by Ole Desalu-Vold.