Friday, September 21, 2012



"An exotic paradise, surrounded by an unfolding mystery and discovery. A woman who get caught up in love that brings out in her a renewed sense of self. Blossoming in her thoughts and re-inventing her life in every way, she has traveled across Brazil, from Sao Paulo 2 Rio de Janeiro 2 the Amazonian culture" 

This!!!, dear fashionistas was what rang off the tips of our tongues like music as we sat down to read these beautiful words that was in the program of the Farah Angsana show!

I was so pleased with myself that I had dressed for the occasion as I felt as if she had written this especially 4 me!
And as the show began and the models cascaded down the runway the clothes melted my caftan heart b'cos as u know,
 I loooooooove, love, love caftans. 
And so, the designs made their entrance, one more beautiful than the other in floaty chiffon, in citrus colours, I was in love and an instant fan-4-life of Farah Angsana.
The evening gowns with their delicate beading and cocktail dresses were to die for.
The BURST of colour was just so amazing.
I know Jennifer Lopez (where-ever-she-is) is ordering the entire collection right now and Elizabeth Taylor is screaming with jealousy from the heavens above!

I love, love, loooooooove this mint green dress!
Lady Farah Angsana.
There is NOTHING more appealing than seeing a designer come out to take her bow, and she's taken the time out to dress for the occasion.

Farah is an Indonesian born designer raised in Los Angeles, CA & educated in London, England.
She was the 1st, and still remains the only Indonesian fashion designer to receive international recognition for her outstanding quality of work & magnificent creations.

Dress - Max Mara
Necklace - Lanvin 4 H&M
Earrings - Robert Lee Morris
Shoes - Tory Burch
Head piece - given 2 me from the Wardrobe department @ the Oslo drama school:-)
Make-up by Isadora
Fragrance - Viktor & Rolf- Flowerbomb

All photography by Ole Desalu-Vold.