Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's always nice to have friends in high places.
My dear friend, Neanda Savaterra, is for sure one of theeeeeee most intelligent woman I know and she also happens to work with the WALL STRRET JOURNAL in New York City.
Neanda invited myself and my husband to the head office to see how this POWERFUL newspaper runs on a day to day basis.
It was such a treat and super duper eye-candy to actually be in a newsroom. What an eye-opener it was.
When I was working as an actress in Hollywood, I cannot tell u how many movie and television sets I worked on, with an entire production crew who tried to capture the magic of what I stood in the midst of at the Wall Street Journal new room:-)

Beauty and brains, Naenda and I
 in the Wall Street Journal news-room, 
Ole had a blast, it was so fascinating to see how the pages of the news paper was digitally on the main screen with stories coming in from around the world being edited for all of us to read for the following day!
I wore my t-shirt that I bought from Sweden when I visited Stockholm in homage to my dear Neanda, yep, she grew up in Sweden:-)

This was so beautiful and in all the years that I've lived in New York, I had never come to this open sitting area where the 3 of us sat down to have coffee lattes.
Thank you so very much Neanda for the most wonderful and insightful day, we learned a LOT!

All photography taken be Ole Desalu-Vold.