Saturday, October 27, 2012

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE & FASHION.....Elena Perminova, SUPER MODEL, NATALIA VODIANOVA, Ulyana Sergeenko, Vika Gazinskaya, Polina Kitsenko & Mira Duma!!!

Say hello 2 the Russian fashion mob!

To my beautiful Eastern European sister's,
 Fumishka (that would be me with a Russian version of my name)
sends her love and fashion approval to the top 6 fashionistas that graced the front row of almost every show at Paris Fashion week with their GLAMOROUS style and amazing fabulousity!
(From left to right)
Polina Kitsenko, Elena Perminova, Natalia Vodianova, Mira Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko & Vika Gazinskaya.
The girls all showed at Paris Fashion week for the 
Valentino show, Spring/Summer 2013.
And of course they were all seated in the front row!

And to show u how really GANGSTA these girls are, 
Anna Dello Russo wears some of the clothes that the ladies have designed!!!
Yep! they are multitalented diva's with their own collections and editors to their own magazines as well as a Top Model thrown in for good measure!
To say the least, Valentino was honored to have them at his show,
b'cos these fab 6 were HOT to trot the fashion season world wide,
They ruled all the fashion weeks from Milan, to New York to London & finally Paris! 
With every outfit they wore, they made an entrance and people were letting out a gasps at the sheer marvelousness of it all,
 they were and ARE going to be again and again, the media darlings of the fashion paparazzi all over the streets of any fashion week they show up at!
I mean common, if you're a fashion blogger
(as well as designers and other things fabulous)
 and OTHER Bloggers & paparazzi are scrambling in their Louboutins to take pictures of YOU, then without a doubt u MUST be very FABULOUS indeed!
I've been VERY, Very lucky to have traveled to many parts of the world and I MUST say, (in my opinion) the Cities/Countries that have theeeee most stylish/well dressed people are the Nigerians, Italians & Russians, especially Moscow! 
Nothing like it!

I'm so proud to be part Russian:-)))
 (read the 'about me' it explains everything she laughs)
Ole and I standing outside the hospital I was born in:-))

A very proud Global Ambassador flying the Russian flag.

At the Red Square in front of the St Basils's Cathedral.

At the head office of Russian Vogue!

Ole & I went back to the Country of my birth for our honeymoon!
We had a fantastic time and the SHOPPING was beyond amazing.

Salute... VODKA 4 everybody! 

Anyway, back to the Russian fab 6!
Mira Duma
Former editor @ Harpers Bazaar, Russia.

 Elena Perminova
Russian Socialite

 Polina Kitsenko
Buyer & Co-owner of Podium Boutique

 Ulyana Sergeenko 
Fashion designer & Photographer.

 Vika Gazinskaya
Owns self titled fashion label.

And last, but definitely NOT the least, 
Natalia Vodianova.

Now b'cos these girls are all so different and fashion icons in their own right, I'm going to write a separate article on each of them, their outfits alone deserve their own page and for sure I'm going to spoil u and show u some really eye-watering outfits and that's not including the prices!
But then again these girls are from Moscow, theeeeee most fashion savvy City I have EVER been to.
If u think Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez or Rihanna have great style, these ladies beat them hands down, no discussion necessary!
So be on the 
look-out for the next week or so, 
b'cos I'm dedicating the next 6 articles 
to ...............
The Russian Invasion:-)