Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Maison Martin Margiela 


Darlings, I have good news! 
U can take a break from your diets, b'cos the lord has anwered our prayers in the form of French fashion house,
 Maison Martin Margiela
who is making a capsule collection 4 H&M.!!! 
Never have I ever seen a fall/winter collection that looks so fantastic & still able 2 hide all the lumps and bumps along the way!
There's even a little something for the boys too.
Thank u Jesus, 4 a California girl like me, I'm on my knees in gratitude.......the winters in Norway are nooooooo Joke. 
But this time around instead of looking like a big ladybird walking down the street, I'm going to look FABULOUS & WARM too! Hurray!
Available in stores & online on the 15th of next month, 
SAVE the date!
Below are some of my absolute favs from the collection.
Black oversized men's trousers
 black leather ballerina & pump black fitted blazer.
This suit above my absolute favorite and I CANNOT wait to get it!

Duvet Coat, black/silver mirrorball leggings, & beige Perspex wedges
The coat is a must have, it's like walking around and your still in bed:-)))

Navy visible darts pulloverblack patch of two dresses & black leather boots.
The Sweater is just screaming my name!

Candy wrapper Clutches! An absolute MUST have:-)

The DOLLY Cardigan which I think is so adorable, but I'll have t c it close up!

Black oversized men's blazer, circle shirt, 
grey skirt trousers & brown Perspex wedge high boots 
It's the Grey skirt trousers I'm going for here,
 so different and very edgy!

Navy oversized pullover, brown glove bag, oversized men's trousers 
and black leather ballerina pump.
Again the whole look is a yes, yes, yes!
For once, all 3 factors are in one outfit, comfort, style and warmth.

Black oversized dress, black glove bag and the
Brown Perspex wedge high boots.
The boots are MUST! So refreshing to the usual black and the lucite heel just screams

Circle shirt
Black oversized skirt, black glove bag.
I think the circle shirt is a wardrobe staple, you'll wear this through out the year,    
my advise is to buy 2.

Something 4 the Husband/boyfriend!

The French fashion house says.............

"It's a pleasure to present these re-editions of Maison Martin Margiela to a new audience, to those who were too young to buy the original pieces and those who didn't have access to Maison Martin Margiela before the days of internet shopping,". 
"Put more simply, our designs will now be available to those who can't afford our mainline collection. 
With this collaboration, some of our most iconic archive pieces can become modern classics."
Margareta van den Bosch is one of the people
responsible for turning H&M into an 
international trend setting label
and it's so evident in her strategic and well
 thought out decisions she makes in relation to each designer that collaborates with the brand. Margiela is a 360 about turn from Versace or Jimmy Choo, which really keeps the interest fresh! 
Well done H&M:-)))))
 Yes, I'll continue to give u my money, that is, if u think I've contributed enough and you now want to send clothes to me as gifts!
Let me give u my address:-)

See on the 15th my fashionistas!