Monday, November 5, 2012


I love this dressing room, 
I think it's a great place 2 start if u want 2 build 'that' dream dressing room. 
I would definitely add a lot of mirrors from different angles, a wet bar and a sound system from  Bang & Olufsen that I'd hang on the wall.
Plus, plus, plus super duper looooooong racks of clothes with light fixtures just above the racks so I can find everything. I've always separated my Spring/Summer from my Autumn/Winter clothes & then of course have my evening looks in another division. 
Your boots should be on the bottom shelf with a decent space to the next level 4 the tall boots. (buy weights to put in them so the can stand on their own. 
Then you should have your casual/ flats/sneakers.
And then your evening and then your day shoes,all color co-ordinated so u know what u have on your shelf.
It's also really great to make shelves from bottom to ceiling as you get to put more shoes on and it such a space saver!
I truly believe that EVERY woman needs this in her home where she can get away from the world 4 a few hours and play dress-up with her girlfriends! Smiling.