Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's very seldom u see a designer dress as well as the clothes they design, well that's not the case with Ulyana Seergeenko who even has 
ANNA DELO RUSSO wearing her designs! 

Married to Russian Billionaire Danil Khachaturov, Ulyana is fortunate to have her hubby finance her couture line which bare's her name.
But it ends there, B'cos with impeccable personal style and an unapologetically elegant touch as a couture designer, Ulyana is worthy of her title as ‘Trendsetter of the Year'.

She's also also a fashion photographer and like Karl lagefeld, captures the essence of her what she wants to portray in her clothes !

Her couture collection, shown during Paris Fashion Week this past summer, was a homage to a more reserved Russian style of an older Soviet era, and was greatly influenced by her by her maternal grandmother. 
Russian women have a reputation for lavishing themselves in logos, brands and bling; this was a way of greeting the new world post-Soviet era. 
Ulyana is a breath of fresh air against the norm, but don't underestimate the work that still goes into the clothes and of course, they do come with a pretty high price tag attached to each piece, with hidden belts, weighted hems and bustles to make sure that everything hangs perfectly.
There is a risk of Ulyana’s creations having a period feel, due to their heavy influence and references to the past and in my eyes, from the 18th century. But she keeps them on the right side of the fence and they leave the wearer looking beyond ladylike & impeccably fashionably dressed. 

Ulyana's couture collection fall 2012

Anna Dello Russo in Ulyana Sergeenko
 @ The Carine Roitfeld's Le Bal.

Street style Queen.

One to keep your eye on come next Paris Couture Week, with taste like this, is Ulyana b'cos it's evident that she's here to stay!