Friday, November 16, 2012



& last but by far not the least......Elena!! 

Who happens to be my favorite of the whole bunch of Russian divas!
(I've written individual articles of the "hot 6 now!", 
you can read about the others if u missed out in my archives).

Anyway, back to Miz Perminova!
Spotted in several fashion weeks recently, the Russian model and editor Elena Perminova, is someone to keep your eyes on. With a distinctive yet classic look she is bringing forward a trend or fashion piece all by herself! 

Her style mirrors mine and if you know me well enough then u know that I love 
And that is also very Elena.
The model, young mum and wife, she's married to one of the richest, richest, richeeeeeeest men in Russia) breathes fashion.
Considering her financial status, Elena doesn't have any financial challenges acquiring the latest collections hot off the runway.
But it stops there darlings b'cos as we all know, money cannot buy style.
Which Elena has in droves! 
She says "Every trend that I wear I always customize for myself"

She totally wears the clothes as opposed to them wearing her.

Elena understands the magic/aesthetic of extravagant fashion pieces and accessories, b'cos that's what really makes an outfit. 
Aaaaaand she's not afraid to wear them. 
This is what make her exciting and head & shoulders above everybody else. 
She has captured the essence of the WOW factor & very, very few people have that!
Elena Perminova is definitely the name on everyone’s lips.

Looooooooove her!