Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Vika Gazinskaya is a chic, poignant and extremely talented designer from Russia

She has successfully carved a niche for herself since launching her self-titled label five years ago in Moscow. With their hand-drawn prints, futuristic flair and neat, ladylike shapes, her designs are like nothing we've seen before.
 Vika is also part of the Russian girlcrush mafia, a group of friends who are stalked by Tommy Ton, Candice Lake & half of Tumblr.

With an impeccable taste she sends her models down the runway dressed like pieces of art, it is aesthetically pleasant to the eye and soul to watch and enjoy Vika's collections.
Take a look at the complete collection when u click the link below.

 Her collections are fresh and light, and there is always a playful element in each piece, be it graphics or unusual volume and structure.