Sunday, December 9, 2012


So last night I went to the exclusive VIP Christmas ball in Oslo.
It was a sensational black tie event and I had no choice but to dress up for the occasion darlings b'cos there was a red carpet and everything u can imagine when you're going to an event in Hollywood! 
The program was jammed packed with lots of goodies, my mouth was working over time with the delicious food,
 the entertainment which also included a fashion show, a mini piano concert by Aksel Kolstad and an amazing DJ who kept me on the dance floor (working of the Christmas tapas I had just eaten), was more than divine. 
 Ah! lets forget ever pouring of Champaign, prizes to win and of course seeing old friends again as well as making new ones.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself that's for sure.
Thank you so very much to Cesar Rahber & Zahid Shah (The publishers/owners of VIP magazine).
I also want to thank my darling Lionel Gagacentic for coming with me and being the best
 party-animal ever! 
I love u all. 
 Playing with the BIG boys.
Publisher kings of VIP magazine, 
Zahid Shah (left) & Cesar Rahber (right).

The wonderful and dear friend, Lionel Gagacentric!

What did I wear u ask?
Hat - Anna Dello Russo for H&M
(I took the bird off the hat & added an electric blue feather for that extra POP)
Emerald earrings - Butler & Wilson 
Belt- Zara
Nail polish - Essie, colour is St Tropez
Emerald ring - Butler & Wilson
Black turtle neck cashmere sweater - Ralph Lauren
Champagne ballroom skirt - Pinera, Milano
Fragrance - Coco Chanel

 Talking to me dear friends Celebrity Tweezer/eyebrow genius to the stars (He did Rihanna's brows when she had a concert here in Oslo)
Fred Hamelten & his wife Tina Hamelten.

2 of the most beautiful you will ever meet inside and out, 
Socialite Edna Falao
Jet-setter Lionel Gagacentric

With Norwegian socialite Edna Falao.

Until next year my darlings, Happy Holidays.