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Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone

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What an interesting week this has been! 
Norway's Fitness Blogger, Caroline Berg Eriksen. 
I interviewed Caroline Berg Eriksen at the Miss World Norway beauty pageant of June of last year. 
I'm a woman that loves to support other woman and I find it so sad that so many other females have attacked here relentlessly b'cos she has done so very well in keeping herself physically fit throughout her pregnancy and after childbirth. We should never be jealous of our sisters, but instead rise up, support and protect each other. Caroline is a fitness blogger and has always had a fantastic figure that she has maintained through healthy eating and exercise.  She documented get pregnancy through out and she only had a small baby bump, she was never big. You can see that from her pictures. My mother was only 116lbs when she gave birth to me, so yes it's possible and I think she's a wonderful woman and will be a fantastic mother as she is with everything else she does.

MailOnline - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories

Norwegian WAG defends her semi-naked selfie showing perfect flat stomach four days after giving birth, saying she did not intend to upset other mums

  • Norwegian WAG Carolin Berg Eriksen posted 'provocative selfie'
  • Image showed her with a flat stomach four days after giving birth
  • Writer Caroline, 26, has the most visited blog in Scandinavia 
  • New mother is married to Premier League player Lars-Kristian Eriksen

A footballer's wife has defended her decision to post an image of her flat stomach four days after she gave birth.
Caroline Berg Eriksen - who is married to Norwegian Premier League player Lars-Kristian Eriksen - was criticised for putting pressure on other new mothers to lose weight with the photograph.
Bloggers have said that to get the washboard waist in such a short space of time was physically impossible, but the 26-year-old has said she did not intend on upsetting anyone with the selfie.
Selfie: WAG Caroline Berg Eriksen posted this image of her flat stomach on Instagram, four days after she gave birth
Selfie: WAG Caroline Berg Eriksen posted this image of her flat stomach on Instagram, four days after she gave birth
New mother: Caroline Berg Eriksen, pictured with her baby daughter this week, has provoked outrage among the blogging community with the post
New mother: Caroline Berg Eriksen, pictured with her baby daughter this week, has provoked outrage among the blogging community with the post
The photograph, which was posted on Instagram, shows her standing in front of a mirror in black and pink lace underwear.
Underneath, there a caption that reads 'I feel so empty and still not, 4 days after birth'.
Mrs Berg Eriksen, who runs the most visited blog in Scandinavia under the name Fotballfrue, or 'The Footballer's Wife', prompted one blogger to criticise the move as 'wildly provocative.' 
Writer Suzanne Aabel said she couldn't be sure if Mrs Berg Eriksen even 'belonged to the same species'.  She said: 'In my eyes, this picture is wildly provocative.'
Commenting on the post, one writer Heidi said: 'Is it really necessary to post a halfnaked picture of themselves?! It's just to show off, thinking's not much on how that image can affect readers.'
Commenting on the photo on Instagram, one user laurajanewilkes said, 'Can she look like this 4 days after???'
Pregnancy: The blogger, who is married to Lars-Kristian Eriksen, is well known in Norway as a health and fitness writer
Pregnancy: The blogger, who is married to footballer Lars-Kristian Eriksen, is well known in Norway as a health and fitness writer
The amount of traffic to her website has doubled since the scandal to two million visitors as the semi-nude image spread online.
Mrs Berg Eriksen, who lives in a rural Norwegian town with her husband who plays for Odd Grenland and daughter, told Good Morning America: ‘I think that all women should be proud of themselves, regardless of how they look after labour.
Happy couple: The blogger is married to Norwegian Premier League player Lars-Kristian Eriksen, pictured
Happy couple: The blogger is married to Norwegian Premier League player Lars-Kristian Eriksen, pictured
‘During the pregnancy people kept telling me that my body would never would be the same.
‘I wanted to tell everybody that that is not entirely true. Right after birth, like three minutes after, I felt like myself again.’
Mrs Berg Eriksen has previously replied to her critics on Facebook, saying: 'I let out the picture because I'm proud of myself and my body for something as tough as a pregnancy / birth, and I think all mothers, regardless of the body shall be.'
The blogger was also backed by Gro Nylander, head of the women's clinic at the Norwegian National Hospital.
According to the Local, she said: 'I don't think we should bully The Footballer's Wife.
'Life is unfair, some people have flat stomachs while others have pouts.' 
The doctor added that new mothers must understand that every body responds differently to pregnancy and that is was not productive to compare to other women.
'The most imporant thing is to be kind to your body. It's a positive thing to have a few extra kilos on your body after birth,' she said.
Mrs Berg Eriksen studied journalism at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies before becoming a fitness and health blogger, writing about her six-day-a-week workout programme and following the  LCHF (low carb-high fat) diet.

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Dress code..............
Go British or go home.

Last night was all about acknowledging the who's who in the fashion industry, not only in the UK, but world wide.
Gywneth Paltrow presented an Award to Muccia Prada, Kate Moss was honored for her 25 years in the industry and my adorable Sophia Webster was the Winner of emerging talent and so she should be, b'cos her shoes are beyond fabulous!
Phew, that was a super duper long sentence, she laughs.
Anyway, and so the night went on, with dinner served to the VIP's and champagne, drinks and finger food served, all nice and yummy and it took the edge off so u could really enjoy the show. 
There were other winners such as, Model Edie Campbell, who became model of the year.
Dontella Versace awarded Chritopher Kane with the Womanswear Designer of the year.
Tinie Tempah awarded Christopher Bailey winner of the Menswear Designer of the year.
Actress, Sienna Miller presented Christopher Bailey for Burberry, winner of the Brand of the year award.
Suzt Menkes was awarded the special recognition award.
Harry Styles, winner of the British Style Award.

So what did I wear?
The invitation said that we had to dress British, so I tried to stay within those lanes, b'cos I wasn't sure if they might be checking labels at the door and didn't want to dare them. 
The feathered cape is actually from TopShop by Kate Moss.:-))
The dress is a simple flat front no-name dress I got a long time ago. 
The boots were from H&M by Anna Dello Russo
Bag is from Sax 5th Avenue in New York
And the star of the show are the red chop sticks which I got at a Chinese restaurant down the street from me, & at the suggestion of my husband, I painted the Red with my Revlon nail polish!   
Yep, you gotta be creative if u wanna be in FASHION!
I adore these boots and intend to wear them a lot this winter, they go up right past the knee, very Fab!
That face!
So I made it all about the Ruby Woo lip to match my fabulous freshly painted chop sticks.
Blusher was by Sleek cosmetics and I contoured my face with Mac cosmetics and my adorable beauty blender.
I kept my eyes simple b'cos I was wearing such a strong lip colour and just spread glitter over the entire eye lid and lined them with the blackest black liner I've discovered to date, by Urban Decay
Seated and ready:-)
I had a fantastic time but my feet were KILLING me from all the networking and partying I did. 
Gift bags are always nice!
I loved my Mac give-aways. 
In my bag I had the lip colour called Lady Danger which is a lovely tomato-red lipstick!! Adore!
And the mascara is called False Lashes Mascara in false Black. 
Totally loved the wand and I know it's going to work wonders.
Smiling from ear to ear. 
We got some other goodies like luxury chocolate, gift vouchers, a beautiful pen from American Express. :-))

It was a great night and it was so nice to make new friends in the industry, one party just leads to the next. 
Yep! London is definitely Rocking & Rolling. 
Click onto the You-tube wrap up of last nights highlights.

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So a while back I did an interview for African Style Network, Nigeria and this is what I wore. 
It was a lovely interview and we talked about all of my favorite things.
Fashion, entertainment, models and the beauty industry.
Will definitely let you know when it airs. 
I went a little more dramatic with the eyes, lashes are always a good thing, especially on television, u just look so 'awake'. 
Anyway, I used Mac and Sleek cosmetics and the lashes were from House of Lashes.
The electric blue in my tear duct, just gave my eyes that extra POP.
Necklace - Zara 
T-Shirt - Marks & Spencer
Metal belt - H&M 
Skirt - Mango
Glitter shoes - Christian Louboutin
Blue bag - Louis Vuitton
This hairstyle took me down memory lane, b'cos this was how I used to wear my hair in high school, she laughs, Yep, and I was always popping gum to the annoyance of my teachers.
The lip colour is from Isadora cosmetics called Rhododendron.
So many of you have asked when my makeup YouTube channel will be up, and it's coming soon guys, I just have to get some more equipment and I'll be all set. It's going to be a really fun channel, and I'm going to do things apart from makeup, on fashion, Q&A's and all kinds of stuff, plus you guys can request anything you want me to do, within reason that is, she laughs. So just hang in there guys ok. 
Photography by


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Fumisfashionfiles :-)

Happy Thursday my fellow fashionistas! 
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There's just something about Animal Print & the colour Red.
Animal print is GRRRRR
And the color RED, is pure fire, 
so it a wonderful marriage for both......
B'cos it's full of fire. 
I've always like dressing up when I travel, it was the way I was brought up and I just feel that although comfortable, there are other options out there than a pair of jeans.
Throw a bright red sweater over this dress and u are good to go.
Again a belt will always do the trick. I also seem to stand up straighter when I'm wearing a belt. 
Open toe sandals a SUPER for traveling, b'cos your feet swell from the looooong hours of traveling and so closed-toe shoes can be a pain, literally. She laughs, but it really isn't funny as I'm speaking from experience.
You can always kick off your heels once you're seated, put your hair up and nestle in to read all your magazines.
But when u arrive @ your final destination,....... 
You're the BEST looking CHICK for miles & whoever is coming to pick u up, will be beaming with pride.  
The Look!
Dress - Primark
Watch - Gucci
Necklace - Vintage
Earrings - Accessorize
Red Top - Whistles
Bag - Prada
Luggage - Louis Vuitton
Shoes - Zara
Accessories always make an outfit and it brings it together with the finger print of your own style. That's what accessories do, they show off your individual style. 

Pony tail situation!
Was a FAKE ponytail and I loved it.
 It matched me hair color to a T .
As I was walking I could hear my hair go swish, swish. 
(Very Diana Ross & Donna Summer)
Well if I cannot be a Songstress, at least let me have the hair
I cannot tell u how many people stopped to give me compliments on it. So easy, so fab and a really clean look. 

Victoria Station
As u can see above, we shot this at one of the most popular  stations in London.
I love this place, the hustle and bustle, people coming and going.
Looooooove it!
It's Autumn/fall now and there's no better time than to wear all of your rich dark and jewel tone lipsticks.
I loved dark lips and since the outfit is so bright and inviting like a Christmas present, u can let the ribbons be dark, in this case almost black, juicy, creamy lips. 
The lipstick is from Fashion Fair cosmetics.
I never like rules and the one rule that I completely ignore is that 
"you cannot wear dark lips with dark eyes" 
Oh yes u can, I say!
The red bag is by Prada and it's so nice and roomy. 
I can and have put in all my drinks, snacks make-up and travel essentials in there. Had I known, I would love/use it so much, I would have bought another one in a different colour. 
You can NEVER go wrong with hand luggage, there R so many trips I take where I just carry all my valuables &/or  just don't feel like checking in my luggage.
 I can leave the station/airport in no time at all, & more importantly, my luggage is not lost or stolen. 
Again I used my LV roll-on but u can use/buy any travel luggage u like. 
There are so many good brands out there!
I miss my father-in-law dearly and hope to go and see him soon in Norway. 
Wish me a safe trip! :-)
I hope u all enjoyed reading and looking at this 3-part picture story, as much as I enjoyed creating it.
It was such good fun & there will be many more to come.
Please write in with all of your requests and don't forget to follow me @ Fumisfashionfiles/Instagram!

Love, light & fashion to u all.

As the Christmas holidays are coming up, I want to wish u all a safe trip, and pls travel in style.!

Location Manager - Photographer - Videographer


WEAR 1 DRESS 3 DIFFERENT WAYS!.....Part 2 :-)...........WITH GUCCI.

 You CAN mix Prints & Polks Dots!

I really loved this look, b'cos it was very out of the box and I know many of u would have thought,
 "hmmmm don't think so"
 But just look how adorable this look is? 
This is look is dedicated to all my wonderful and smart friends that have professional career and and shuttle themselves to Wall Street & downtown every mooring.
Yes! U CAN look great, appropriate & stylish in the office. 

Hair in a bun!
It's will 4ever be a classic and easy hairstyle to do.
And when u have to dash into work, this hairstyle takes no time at all. Grab your bagel and your good to go.
I used a nude lipstick from Mac called Kinda Sexy and orange blusher from Sleek cosmetics. 

We shot these pictures outside and on the stairs of Belgrave house.
The look!
So I put a skirt over my dress and my dress ended up doubling as a form fitted slip that put those Visible-Panty-lines away, she laughs.
The outfit wasn't loud at all, 
and with a black Gucci belt, it all really came together.
Dolce and Gabbana have created many variations of this look and presented it at their runway shows season after season.
It's very on-trend and can be worn to and outside the office. 
I've always loooooooved the London Buses, I went to University here in London and I would always take the bus into town and sit upstairs so I could see EVERYTHING, 
I still do, till this very day:-)
Glasses - These are my prescription glasses, 
Glasses - Marc Jacobs
Yep, I'm as blind as a bat, she laughs.
Necklace - Robert Lee Morris
Bracelet - Robert Lee Morris
Belt - Gucci
Soft leather briefcase - Ted Baker
Polka Dot Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Jimmy Choo

Never forget darling fashionistas, that u can keep the animal in u tame from 9am to 5pm, but after that, you can let the inner u ROAR and just whip off the skirt for a HOT date with that dashing executive after hours. 
How exciting that sounds. 
A totaL 'DATE' dress. 

If I ever had a 9 to 5 job, I always see myself as working for a fashion magazine. What do u guys think?

The 3rd and final look, rushing to catch the train:

Location Manager - Photographer - Videographer