Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Even if I didn't feel like working out today, I definitely had no choice, and ended up burning for sure, about 400 calories, b'cos I dashed to the wrong H&M store (which was at the other side of town) for the new sports collection press pre-view! So naturally (just my luck) I had to run across to the other side of town.
I've never been good at early morning calls, never!
Anyway, all's well that ends well and I made it just in time to the right venue to take some pictures of the collection.

About the collection. 
H&M presented a technical and functional Sport collection that was as bright as the rainbow. Even if you don't feel like working out this collection will start you off in a good mood, b'cos of its vibrant colours!
The concept designer Marie Fredo, behind the collection was also present to talk about target training.
There was also breakfast and refreshments served, but I missed it, since I got there late.
But since this particular collection was geared towards working out and eating healthy, I guess it wasn't a bad thing after all.

 Thank you very much Susann Leikanger for the invitation and I promise to pay attention to the address next time.
That's it folks, and run to H&M 4 see their new sports collection, 
I know you're gonna love it!