Sunday, January 13, 2013


Yep, I knew that would get your attention!
Petter Stordalen, is a Norwegian Investor, Hotel Tycoon, Property developer & Environmentalist.
He's the 9th Richest man in Norway & according to Forbes magazine is worth 1.2 billion US dollars, stemming from investments in hotels, shopping centers and properties.
The SELF-MADE business man, through his company Nordic Choice Hotels, owns in excess of 170 hotels in Norway, Denmark, Sweden & the Baltics.
THE THIEF HOTEL, which just opened a few days ago, is the 171st hotel built to date!
The Thief Story.
Shady activities and drifters, crimes & entertainment ......
three hundred years ago thieves ruled Tjuvholmen.
Today art, architecture and world-classgastronomy have taken over the location. Now Tjuvholmen only crime is that it steals it's visitors away from their everyday lives and takes them to a world of opulence, luxury and a world of new impressions.
It's the perfect crime.
And I had a BLAST!!!!!
THE THIEF..............
 Resides in the Tjuvholman neighborhood of Oslo City. Every single one of the 119 rooms will have the original art from artists like Sir Peter Blake, Chris Gianakos & Tony Cragg.
On the interactive TV's guests will, supposedly as the world´s first, be able to choose between pay-TV-options and contemporary video art. In one of the elevators there will be an animation by Julian Opie, one of Stordalen's favorite artists. In the library bar one will find a suite of pictures made by 
HM Queen Sonja of Norway.
Mr Stordalen also owns some of Andy Warhol's best interpretations of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch which will also be displayed on the wall of The Thief hotel
In the Summer time the hotel offers a pick-up service by boat if you wish to arrive by sea. 
How can ANYBODY resist that????
So as you can imagine, I was honored to be invited on press day to have a tour of this magnificent hotel & get the opportunity to interview the great Petter Stordalen.
In the beautiful hotel lobby.
Standing beside the portrait, Richard Prince the Cowboy.
The magnificent library is a must-see and is the home to the 
HM Queen Sonja of Norway's photograph collection that's displayed on the other side of the wall.
There are also eclectic literature books of interest.
5O years of the Playboy Bunny!
Psst! Did I ever mention to you that I once went to the Playboy Mansion for a party in Los Angeles? 
 Anyway more about that another time:-))

The library has the colours of cognac and you can see HM Queen Sonja of Norway's photograph collection that's displayed on the wall.
Anemone Wille Våge, is one of Norway's most recognized interior designers & created a distinctive universe for The Thief Hotel which plays on contrasts between light & shade, classic & modern, warmth & cold, outside & inside.
Anemone said working on the Thief has been a dream project 
And so the tour of the hotel began, with the first stop in one of the rooms/suites that had breath taking view of the City.
OMG! Even free nailpolish!!!!! (2 your left) 

A picture of Sonja Henie also makes an appearance on the walls of the hotel.
Sonja Henie was a Norwegian three-time Olympic Champion and movie star.
At the height of her acting career, she was one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood.

And so we moved on to the most exciting part of any hotel, 
.........The KITCHEN:-)

With the head Chef of the hotel, Kari Innerå.
The kitchen smelled like heaven! Hmmmmm
I was hungry in 2 seconds flat!
The wonderful & ever-smiling Johann Laursen.

I couldn't help myself! It was just sooooooo good!
Whenever you're in Oslo, u must, must, must come and visit and indulge in all of the edible goodies.
Such a treat!

Petter Stordalen
The Press conference 
When the Versace-loving triathlete walks into the room, it's immediately filled with great energy and the air is pumped up with excitement and anticipation!
He's remarkably playful and down to earth.

The interview.......

Mr Stordalen and his model-turned-physician wife Gunhild Stordalen, are avid environmentalists who genuinely care about conservation and sustainability–he says his father’s love of being in the forest instilled in him a respect for maintaining the resource. And so he has made sure to incorporate this factor into the hotel as well.He also enjoys his life and lives it to the fullest, when he got married to Gunhild, he flew all of his guests to Morocco which cost $5 million and his good friend, Bob Geldof officiated the wedding!
And to celebrate the opening of his latest hotel, Petter is throwing a 3-day party next week, with 450 guests costing an estimated 5 million Kr, with international recording artists being flown in for the entertainment.
One word.......WOW!

I got to spend some time with Mr Stordalen and if I were to describe him in one word, I would say he was pure MAGIC!
Very down to earth, extremely intelligent and a great entertainer.
We talked about all kinds of things from Michael Jackson to calling up my husband and Petter talking to him:-)
 ...Just to say hello.

Naturally I couldn't walk away from the interview without asking him about fashion! 
His favorite colour is black, but likes to wear midnight blue for that extra POP when going out at night!
Well, belive me my fashionistas that Petter Stordalen doesn't need that extra POP!
B'cos the second he walks into ANY room, he sets it ablaze with his intoxicating and vibrant personality.