Tuesday, June 25, 2013



The BACK story.
When I was modeling in New York in the 90's Sam Fine and Fashion Fair were God's gift to every black model in the fashion industry.
Fashion fair has been a long standing cosmetic power house for women of colour for the past 40years.
At a time where there were only cosmetic brands for Caucasian women, Fashion fair cosmetics was one of the very few that catered to every complexion, from slightly tanned to blue-black! 
Thank you Jesus and thank you Fashion Fair for stepping up to the plate, our mother's thank u also, as they introduced Fashion Fair to their daughters, .....us.
I did many fashion shows and photo-shoots wearing your make-up and still do till this day. 
Smily face. 
Fashion Fair cosmetics.


Now that we had access to the make-up, we needed to know how to put it on and bring out the very best in us. Here was the brand, but where where the tools?
And that came in the form of the most talented, good looking, adorable and generous Sam Fine. 
Sam Fine has made up every top model and celebrity/actress that you can possibly think of, such as Supermodel Iman, Super Mogul/Model, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson & actress and Super Star, Vanessa Williams, to mention but a few.
On top of that, he's published two make-up bibles that is any girls best christmas gift! 
They are Fine Beauty & his make-up DVD, 
The basics of Beauty.
So you can only imagine when these two super Nova power houses  collaborate, it's going to be nothing short of pure magic!
Yes! Magic!!!!
Because %100 guaranteed, you are going to look amazingly beautiful. 
Sam Fine was appointed creative make-up director of Fashion fair cosmetics last year and this Spring, launched and exclusive supreme colour collection for fashion fair,.........for us! 
The fine Celebrity make-up artist and Creative make-up Director of Fashion Fair Cosmetics,

The Supreme Colour Collection
For Fashion Fair
By Sam Fine.
Canary Diamond  
A nude golden shimmer & a Supreme Shine Lipgloss 
 This smooth non-sticky formula reflects light & and hints of gold shimmer. It can also be worn alone or layered over any lip-colour to add dimension.
These amazingly smooth and rich lipsticks come in 8 adorable colours from Champagne toast to African Violet.
I WANT them all, she laughs.
Supreme eyes shadow quads,
 above is the Amalfi quad 
and below is the Tunisian quad.
The  entire collection on display.

Sam Fine's priceless must-haves! 

Make-up DVD - The Basics of Beauty.

Sam Fine & Super Model, Tyra Banks.

Sam Fine applying make-up to Super model, Iman.

Sam Fine and Academy award winning actress, Jennifer Hudson.

Celebrity Make-up Artist, Sam Fine
Super Star/Actress/Singer/Author and former Miss America, 
Vanessa Williams.

Sam Fine and Celebrity Stylist, June Ambrose.

Sam Fine has gone ahead a generously displayed a how-to guide on how to get the very best out of the collection. 
I told you he was generous! ....and thoughtful.

Below, the face of this exclusive collection is the beautiful
 Super model Fatima Siad, a former runner up from season 10 of America's Next Top Model.
Fatima has gone on to have a very successful modeling career and she's regularly on the fashion runways in Paris, London, Milan & New York.

Celebrity make-up artist and Creative make-up Director of Fashion Fair Cosmetics,


Thank you so very much top Sam Fine & Fashion Fair for a beautiful make-up collection.
For more eye candy watch the behind-the-scenes on the collaboration below


Friday, June 14, 2013


For your own Benefit:-))
I love,love,loooove these two products from Benefit and I wanted to share a beauty secret with you........
I NEVER put on make-up without wearing
 primer & eye- concealer, ever!

 And the BEST products for me so far,come from Benefit cosmetics! 

Why I love it!
Porefessional is UK's BEST-selling primer!
It magically minimizes the appearance of pores and my favorite,wait for it!......... fine lines!
Yes my darlings,you don't need to get BOTOX just yet. 
Porefessional is here and has come to the rescue.:-)))
You can use this primer for smoother-than-smooth skin under your make-up.
I promise you, you'll see the difference immediately.
Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone or over or under make-up.
  The translucent, oil-free formula complements all skin types,skin-tones and helps 
make-up stay PUT!!!

Beauty tip

Apply the POREfessional from the

 center of the face outward by

 patting lightly with your

 fingertips...pay particular

 attention to the T-zone area.

 Keep it in your bag for touch-ups

 during the day.

Have some Lemon aid! :-)
Why I love it!
Our soft,lemon yellow cream helps hide redness & discoloration on your eyelids. In a snap, your eyes will look refreshed, wide awake and ready for those paparazzi shots!
And my all time reason for buying this product is b'cos your eyeshadow stays put all day! 
Looooooove that!
The one shade blends 2 perfection on every complexion. 

How to apply

Warm up lemon aid with your fingertips & lightly pat on your eyelids & blend with your fingers. 
You can wear it alone, for a natural look or under-makep.
She laughs, can you see me in the mirror? 
So my darlings if you really want your make-up to last all day and look great, start with these two simple products from Benefit.
The packaging is great too. 
Very old Hollywood from the 1950's.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013



A gift from La Divine fragrances
Ugo Chijiutomi is the founder & creative director of La Divine fragrances. 
She says........
 "Our luxury brand of Scented candles are made with a natural blend of soy wax and lead-free wick, which means makes it natural and organic.
My packaging is also what helps to differentiate who we are, as we use African (Nigerian) prints and patterns for packaging. 
This also showcase's my rich ethnic background as an African. Our candles are definitely one of the BEST luxury scented candles out there."
La Divine fragrances also make bespoke candles for special occasions such as corporate gifts, weddings, parties, events and private labels.

A range of luxury scented candles handmade, using a blend of the finest fragrances and essential oils.
Each candle is made with natural soy wax and lead-free wick that gradually fills any room with luxurious aroma. 

The candles come in three delicious fragrances.
Green tea Pomegrante
Tuberose Neroli
PlumP Plum.

Click here to go to the website for more on these beautiful candles.


The DA VINCI code. 
Da Vinci Cosmetics

What a wonderful surprise I had today in my mail box when I saw a package from my beloved friend Gina Arruda.
Gina is the sole distributor of Da Vinci Cosmetics in Norway! :-)
Cosmetics, smiling from ear to ear. 
As u all know, I love & adore make-up & above all,
 love to try new brands. 
Da Vinci cosmetics are fabulous with the most amazing and pigmented colours u ever saw. 
I'll be trying on the entire collection this week so be on the watch out for pictures on Fumisfashionfiles/instagram ok! 

 ♥ DA VINCI Mineral Makeup from DA VINCI Norway ♥

Da Vinci goodies!
Da Vinci pure miniral cosmetics consist only of natural ingredients. 
Da Vinci works with the oils on our skin to provide that flawless coverage and is gentle enough to be used on any skin type b'cos they don't contain dyes, talc oils, fillers preservatives or additives. 
So you're good to go girls.
So what was in the goodie bag? 
Powder compacts
Body bonzers
Eye powder liner/shadow 
Lip glosses
Lip balm
Eye Shadows 
Clear Nail polish
Make-up brushes
Lip pencils 
What I love about Da Vinci cosmetics, is that it caters to all skin types. 
The powders are amazing and I love the plastic slides that separate the sponges from the palette, such smart packaging. 
The eyeshadow tubs are to die for, color, color, and more color, cannot wait to try them on and show u.
The was just such a treat!!!!!! Brushes, brushes, brushes. 
Every girl needs them! :)
Loose black eye shadow and lip balm.

The beautiful Gina Arruda
Sole distributor of Da Vinci Cosmetics in Norway, Scandinavia.

ISABEL MARANT 4 H&M :-))))))

Isabel Marant, French designer known for her playful mix of bohemian and rock ‘n’ roll aesthetics, is the next guest designer for retail powerhouse H&M. Due in November, the collaboration consists of womenswear, kidswear, and Marant’s first-ever menswear collection. Carrying her signature ethnic colors and prints with a touch of masculine tailoring, the collection is set to have must-have pieces for the effortlessly stylish. The Isabel Marant for H&M will be available online and in stores worldwide starting from November 14th, 2013.
I personally cannot wait to see/buy the collection, and at the same time, I'm a little nervous because with all the other H&M collaborations, I lived in Bergen/Oslo in Norway and the waiting lines outside the stores were nothing compared to anything in the USA or UK, where I happen to live now! 
So we'll see and I'll keep u posted for sure! 

Isable Marant SS 13.

Isabel, the GAME CHANGER!

As most of you will recall,  Isablel gave a new meaning to sneakers when she stepped right out of the thinking box and put a heel in it! 
Super fabulous,
Super comfortable, 
And super high! 
It was sold out everywhere and all the celebrities dashed out to get their pair, myself included. 
Former Victoria secret model, Miranda Kerr,  
Fashion blogger, the Blond Salad
 & Super model Joan Smalls.

The cowgirl never looked so good!
When asked about her collaboration, Ms. Marant said: 
“I am flattered… H&M works with the best designers, and this invitation is an exciting honor. I aim at creating something real – something women want to wear in their everyday lives – with a certain carefree style. I think this is very Parisian: You dress up, but don’t pay too much attention to it, and you still look sexy. The collection is infused with this kind of easiness and attitude. Everything can be combined following one’s own instincts, and my take on fashion is all about personality.”

So with Isabel's track record, u can only imagine what goodies she has in store for us at H&M in November!
See you at the waiting lines darlings, and no Pushing or shoving, she laughs.