Friday, June 14, 2013


For your own Benefit:-))
I love,love,loooove these two products from Benefit and I wanted to share a beauty secret with you........
I NEVER put on make-up without wearing
 primer & eye- concealer, ever!

 And the BEST products for me so far,come from Benefit cosmetics! 

Why I love it!
Porefessional is UK's BEST-selling primer!
It magically minimizes the appearance of pores and my favorite,wait for it!......... fine lines!
Yes my darlings,you don't need to get BOTOX just yet. 
Porefessional is here and has come to the rescue.:-)))
You can use this primer for smoother-than-smooth skin under your make-up.
I promise you, you'll see the difference immediately.
Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone or over or under make-up.
  The translucent, oil-free formula complements all skin types,skin-tones and helps 
make-up stay PUT!!!

Beauty tip

Apply the POREfessional from the

 center of the face outward by

 patting lightly with your particular

 attention to the T-zone area.

 Keep it in your bag for touch-ups

 during the day.

Have some Lemon aid! :-)
Why I love it!
Our soft,lemon yellow cream helps hide redness & discoloration on your eyelids. In a snap, your eyes will look refreshed, wide awake and ready for those paparazzi shots!
And my all time reason for buying this product is b'cos your eyeshadow stays put all day! 
Looooooove that!
The one shade blends 2 perfection on every complexion. 

How to apply

Warm up lemon aid with your fingertips & lightly pat on your eyelids & blend with your fingers. 
You can wear it alone, for a natural look or under-makep.
She laughs, can you see me in the mirror? 
So my darlings if you really want your make-up to last all day and look great, start with these two simple products from Benefit.
The packaging is great too. 
Very old Hollywood from the 1950's.