Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The DA VINCI code. 
Da Vinci Cosmetics

What a wonderful surprise I had today in my mail box when I saw a package from my beloved friend Gina Arruda.
Gina is the sole distributor of Da Vinci Cosmetics in Norway! :-)
Cosmetics, smiling from ear to ear. 
As u all know, I love & adore make-up & above all,
 love to try new brands. 
Da Vinci cosmetics are fabulous with the most amazing and pigmented colours u ever saw. 
I'll be trying on the entire collection this week so be on the watch out for pictures on Fumisfashionfiles/instagram ok! 

 ♥ DA VINCI Mineral Makeup from DA VINCI Norway ♥

Da Vinci goodies!
Da Vinci pure miniral cosmetics consist only of natural ingredients. 
Da Vinci works with the oils on our skin to provide that flawless coverage and is gentle enough to be used on any skin type b'cos they don't contain dyes, talc oils, fillers preservatives or additives. 
So you're good to go girls.
So what was in the goodie bag? 
Powder compacts
Body bonzers
Eye powder liner/shadow 
Lip glosses
Lip balm
Eye Shadows 
Clear Nail polish
Make-up brushes
Lip pencils 
What I love about Da Vinci cosmetics, is that it caters to all skin types. 
The powders are amazing and I love the plastic slides that separate the sponges from the palette, such smart packaging. 
The eyeshadow tubs are to die for, color, color, and more color, cannot wait to try them on and show u.
The was just such a treat!!!!!! Brushes, brushes, brushes. 
Every girl needs them! :)
Loose black eye shadow and lip balm.

The beautiful Gina Arruda
Sole distributor of Da Vinci Cosmetics in Norway, Scandinavia.