Friday, July 12, 2013


Onna the Great!

Nigerian and American accessories designer,
 Onna Ehrlich.
Born to an American father (One of Los Angeles' top architects, Steven Ehrlich) and a Nigerian mother, Onna is on the lips of every fashionista and Celebrity for creating theeeee most beautiful  butter soft, candy coloured bags anybody has seen in a while! 
Myself included!
I love, love, love her bags and we do have a couple of things in common, 1st is our Nigerian background & 2nd is the fact that she's the only other bride apart from me that I know of, who got married to the same man 3 times! Ha!
Onna with her father, Architect, Steve Ehrlich.

Steve Ehrlich is one of Los Angeles' Top architects, with award-winning modern buildings from California to the Persian Gulf and West Africa. 

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The Rachel bag.

The brand new design added to the collection, The Derin bag.

The Sam Snake bag.

Onna's  accessory line is unique b'cos it's inspired by her African roots. From her butter soft handbags to her amazing snakeskin belts, Onna has been able to take her Nigerian heritage and combine it with the laid back sophistication of California.

And just look @ what I got in the mail:-)))
And you can imagine how I felt when I received this beautiful powder blue 'Rachel" bag from Onna as a gift! 

It truly made my day.

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As I mentioned earlier, Onna has quickly become the designer to watch, have, beg & steal her products!
In addition to features in fashion and design magazines, she also has a ever growing bevy of fashionable celebrity clients such as 
 Halle Berry 
Lindsay Lohan
Marcia Cross
Sophia Bush 
Eva Langoria 
And this list just goes on and on..........

American Actress, Cameron Diaz.
 Actress Cameron Diaz in the feature film
 "What Happens in Vegas"

British  Reality Star, Lydia Rose from "The only way is Essex".

 British Actress, Michelle Keegan

 American Actress, Mila Kunis. 

Victoria Secret Super Model, Miranda Kerr.

 American Socialite Paris Hilton

 Fashion Stylist Folake Huntoon of 'Style Pantry"
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American Actress Zoe Saldana.

Great Job ONNA & thank u again for the beautiful bag! 


F. D.V.