Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's H&M :-)

Hennes & Mauritz

Interestingly enough, this dress was the topic of conversation when I published a picture earlier on this week wearing it. 
I'm always glad to share, so I thought I'd post it on the blog for all of u too.
The dress is an H&M dress that I bought in Oslo, Norway,  
late last year:-)
I adore H&M and have been shopping there ever since I was in high school.
They're always on trend, budget friendly and great quality, 
so what more could I ask for:? 
Smiling again. 
 I changed my hairstyle, b'cos as usual,  always get bored. 
This is actually a wig and very Cleopatra-esk.
I thought it was a perfect fit to go with the Royal purple 
since I didn't have a crown lying around,
 she laughs. 
The above pic was taken in the elevator of my building. 
 The jewelry (Necklace & bracelet)
 is by famed American jewelry designer, Robert lee Morris.
The lipstick is by Tom Ford which I adore,  & it's called Wet Velvet.
 I decided to wear a pair of falsies, these lashes are by 
House of Lashes. 
These ones are called Noir Fairy in Blk. 
 My sandals are by Tory Burch and I love, adore, love them.
 I bought them in Miami & they're so 
super-comfotable that I could wear them all day! 
I love dresses like this for a couple of reasons.
1) I'm very curvy so if it fits at my hips it's big at my waist.
2) It clings to my figure and really shows it off more than trousers or skirts.
3) Comfort, comfort, comfort! No zips, buttons or belts 2 deal with, and therefor, no tugging or pulling.
4) As a television presenter and event host, you want to be stylish but not take any attention away from your subject and so dresses like this, are real 'must-have'.
5) The colour is just 'WOW' One of the most beautiful purples I've ever had on anything I own. 

 Nail polish is by Essie and the colour is called blanc. 
This picture made me smile. 
It wasn't posey & it was the first breeze of Autumn that I felt on me. 
New seasons means, new things, new goals and yes, new clothes. 
Maybe that's why I'm smiling after-all. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


And so the evening arrived........
Dinner & Dance

I was attending my old high school reunion and I decided to bring Halston with me.
He also was vintage, but still looked fabulous.

Emerald green Jumpsuit - Halston
Jewelry - Butler and Wilson
Watch - Hermes
Shoes - Christain Louboutin 
(So sorry u cannot see the shoes, but I'll wear them again soon)
Fragrance - Miss Dior by Christian Dior.

And Mr Porter wore......
Suit - Hugo Boss
Shirt - Thomas Pink
Bow tie - Turnbull & Asser
Glasses - Ray Ban
Belt - Hermes
Watch - Rolex
Shoes - Calvin Klein
Fragrance - Comme des garcons
Green eye shadow by Sleek Cosmetics
Pink Lipstick by Revlon
False eyelashes by House of Lashes
Jewelry - Butler and Wilson
I ADORED this color! It had so much POP!
Nail polish by Miss Sporty, quick dry. Colour - Paris.
The dinner was delicious, it HAD to be!!!
 B'cos as u can see, I forgot to take a picture of the main meal.
Down the hatch it went! Hahahaha
I must have been VERY hungry indeed. 
Anyway I had baked salmon, vegetables with roasted potatoes. Yum!
I decided to go for a long dramatic ponytail.

It was such an honor to meet these two beautful ladies who are both in their 80's and were still able to boogie down like the rest of us. 
They were the very 1st year at my high school!
Holy Child College, Obalande, Lagos. 
My years at Holy Childe College were some of the 
HAPPIEST I ever had!
They were REALLY GREAT times & that's when I actually started modeling & acting. 
 I took part in different school fashion shows and theatrical plays.
I will always look back on those days with fund memories.
So of course I will always give back to a school that brought me so much happiness an led me to find my path in life.
Part of the raffle draw were prizes with me volunteering my expertise in my field to young girls and guests at the gala event!
And the winner was......
I had a wonderful time, & so very special to me b'cos I was able to bring my husband along and to share with a him another part of my life waaaaaaay b4 we ever met.

Love & light my darlings.



Right out of the Blue....

.......I got an invitation to go come to my old high school reunion!
Talk about speechless and shocked but also pleasantly surprised.
It was a BLAST from my past 
The event was taking place outside London so this was how I got dressed for the trip! :-)
I love, love, looooove color. 

Lips - A beautiful mauve/purple lipstick by sleek cosmetics.
Necklace by Marni 4 H&M.
Earrings - from Lagos, Nigeria.

White shirt - Ralph Lauren
White ring - Bought @ African fashion wk London
Gold belt - Guess
Electric blue jeans - Ralph Lauren
Tan Sandals - Micael Kors
Blue epi bag - Louis Vuitton
Midi Rings - TopShop
Pink Nail Polish - Miss Sporty, quick dry. (No time 2 wait:-)

I've said it b4,  & I'll say it again, 
ACCESSORIES bring any outfit ALIVE. 


And bright WHITE Smile.

Red eyeshadow - By Inglot cosmetics
Black eyeshadow - Mac
I always use my beauty blender sponge to apply my foudation
Make-up pencils - Mac products 
Blusher - Fashion fair cosmetics 
Lips - Nyx Matte
Mascara - L'Oreal
Hair Bow from the accessories dept in Harrods.
Dorothy Dandridge bangle- This was specially made for me by a good friend of mine out in LA. 
Watch - Gucci
Fragrance - Coco Chanel
It's so much fun getting into my clothes again and also 
going into another season.
Lots of clothes, lots of choices and news ones to try along the way. 
I have ALWAYS loved Denim on Denim, and most especially with high-waisted jeans.
Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Dolce & Gabbana 
Wedges - Custom made 4 me in Los Angeles. 
Something also new for me, was trying on RED eyeshadow! 
I feel that it's just so easy to reach out and grab a red lipstick,
 that it's become very boring to me.
So I switched it up and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. 
Necklace - Zara
Earrings - Accessorize 
School bag - Louis Vuitton 

Nail polish - I used 2 different ones.
The white nail polish is by Essie in Blanc
The glitter polish is by Revlon in Stunning

It was such a Sunny/Warm day for September. 
A great day. :-)))

Sunday, September 22, 2013



 London Fashion Week started off with a 'BANG' & by that, 
I mean, I was 'BANG' on trend according to Net-A-Porter. 
The PVC skirt is a 'must' and I highly recommend it it! 
I got mine at ASOS @ a very affordable price & so can u, 
just click here for yours in 
Red or Black like mine. 
It was such a pleasant surprise, b'cos the decision to wear my PVC skirt for LFW, was purely coincidental.
It's a great feeling too, b'cos when it comes to trends, style & fashion,  that's when I'm the most authentic and truly myself.
About Net-A-Porter

Click here 4 Mr Porter - (For the boys)

Net-A-Porter is an extremely influential online designer boutique/store that is known world wide & I'm sure my fellow fashionistas,  need no introduction. Anyway the reason I bring up net-A-Porter is b'cos it plays a great part in London fashion week. Why? You ask/
Well, the owner Natalie Massenet, who founded the online store is now heading
 London Fashion Week!
The irony of Mz Massenet, a fellow American, is trying to do for London what Anna Wintour, a Briton, has arguably done for New York! 
Call it musical chairs, I call it open-mindedness and pure genius!
As far as I'm concerned, ANYTHING to get the job done and well done Mz Massenet, b'cos LFW was beyond! 
 Kim Kardashian in her PVC skirt @ Paris Fashion Wk SS14
The Daily, is the official newspaper of London Fashion Week in association with H&M.
Pleasantly Surprised:-))

Click here to go to THE DAILY.

So at this stage, I'm just so honored. 
This was my 1st fashion week back in London & I think I'm doing ok.
A huge thank you to THE DAILY for feauring me & my style in your fashion newspaper and on your web page. 
It was a really great week and I give it all to London,
 b'cos it really brought my creativity ALIVE and I enjoyed dressing up for LFW.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Ellen Performs 'The Fox' from NORWAY!!! :-)))))

What Does the Fox Say?......WELL DONE NORWAY! :-)))))

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


What I wore on my 2nd day to London 
Fashion Week SS/14

The rainy weather didn't deter me in any way, shape or form.
That's what's so wonderful about London, 
there are so many things going on, 
that nobody cares. 
Grab an umbrella and off u go!
I felt really bold and decided to dress up in head to toe 
Tomato Red.
As a matter of fact, it's was b'cos of the rainy weather that I decided NOT to make an effort with my hair and throw on a Turban. 
An Instant fix for the temperamental weather.
Oh! How I love London, it truly brings out the creativity in me! 
What's a bold outfit with out a bold look, so for the very first time I took the plunge and decided to try a bold
Indigo Blue Winged-eye!
I was really happy with the way it came out too!
My eye make-up is by,
 I love, love, loooooove this cosmetic brand & u should also try their BB cream. 
Turban - Bitte Kai Rand, Copenhagan.
Earrings - Robert Lee Morris
Necklace - I bought this at African Fashion wk 2 months ago.
Blouse - Ralph Lauren
Watch - Hermes
Ring - Robert Lee Morris
Trousers - Joseph 
(I love Joseph, b'cos they really make Long trousers 4 tall women)
Bag - Prada
Shoes - Tory Burch 
Fragrance - White Musk by Body Shop.
Nails by 'Matte by you' Top Coat &
for color, 'Sand Tropez' also by Essie. 
My coat was by Lanvin for H&M.
The street style bloggers & photographers 
seemed to love the outfit too
Arriving @ the Somerst house.