Wednesday, September 25, 2013


And so the evening arrived........
Dinner & Dance

I was attending my old high school reunion and I decided to bring Halston with me.
He also was vintage, but still looked fabulous.

Emerald green Jumpsuit - Halston
Jewelry - Butler and Wilson
Watch - Hermes
Shoes - Christain Louboutin 
(So sorry u cannot see the shoes, but I'll wear them again soon)
Fragrance - Miss Dior by Christian Dior.

And Mr Porter wore......
Suit - Hugo Boss
Shirt - Thomas Pink
Bow tie - Turnbull & Asser
Glasses - Ray Ban
Belt - Hermes
Watch - Rolex
Shoes - Calvin Klein
Fragrance - Comme des garcons
Green eye shadow by Sleek Cosmetics
Pink Lipstick by Revlon
False eyelashes by House of Lashes
Jewelry - Butler and Wilson
I ADORED this color! It had so much POP!
Nail polish by Miss Sporty, quick dry. Colour - Paris.
The dinner was delicious, it HAD to be!!!
 B'cos as u can see, I forgot to take a picture of the main meal.
Down the hatch it went! Hahahaha
I must have been VERY hungry indeed. 
Anyway I had baked salmon, vegetables with roasted potatoes. Yum!
I decided to go for a long dramatic ponytail.

It was such an honor to meet these two beautful ladies who are both in their 80's and were still able to boogie down like the rest of us. 
They were the very 1st year at my high school!
Holy Child College, Obalande, Lagos. 
My years at Holy Childe College were some of the 
HAPPIEST I ever had!
They were REALLY GREAT times & that's when I actually started modeling & acting. 
 I took part in different school fashion shows and theatrical plays.
I will always look back on those days with fund memories.
So of course I will always give back to a school that brought me so much happiness an led me to find my path in life.
Part of the raffle draw were prizes with me volunteering my expertise in my field to young girls and guests at the gala event!
And the winner was......
I had a wonderful time, & so very special to me b'cos I was able to bring my husband along and to share with a him another part of my life waaaaaaay b4 we ever met.

Love & light my darlings.