Wednesday, September 18, 2013



London fashion week was a blast, really and truly amazing.
It's so refreshing to REALLY see designers DESIGN & INSPIRE!
& It's just such a joy to be living back in London.
 London Fashion week was bursting with creativity and it definitely brought out the creativity in me.
It's a wonderful time for me too, as I truly feel like my old self again after loosing 35lbs and at the same time feel like a brand new ME! 
Buying new clothes and trying new trends is so much fun!
So I've decided to list the two outfits I wore to fashion week  away from the LFW review that I'll do later. 
Earrings - Robert Lee Morris
Emerald Green body - Wolford
Jacket - Lanvin for H&M
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Watch - Gucci
Ring - Robert Lee Morris
Black PVC Skirt - Asos
Black tights - Wolford
Leg/shin booties - Charles David, New York
Fragrance - Christian Dior, Miss Dior (The original)

It was a great start at Somerset house where most of the shows were held. 
And we were treated to free 
Beauty vitamin drinks, popcorn & ice cream.
I took everything in moderation. 
Smiley face. 
Ice cream in chocolate, vanilla & raspberry swirl.
I tasted the raspberry swirl & it was to die for! Woosh!!!!
With a street style photographer & fashionista, Deigh Alex. 
Fashion, Fashion, and more fashion PLUS goody bags! 
Yes puhleez! HA!
Sitting at the David Karma show.
 It wassuch a beautiful collection in different hues of blue.

Up next,
 RED HOT @ fashion week!